Friday, August 01, 2008

Chaos in the Bedroom

Yesterday when I went to get the toddlers up for the day, I discovered Charlie in Sammy's crib with him. They were having a grand old time jumping in the crib like it was a trampoline. I had no idea how he got in there, but I brushed it off as cute.

When naptime rolled around, I put the little guys down, and 10 minutes later I heard squeals of laughter. I went in to be stern with them, and found Charlie back in the crib with Sam. I separated them, gave them a talking to, and prayed everyone would sleep. Mothers do not do well when naptime is interrupted, let me tell you. 10 minutes later, more shrieks could be heard. I went back in, and this time Charlie was in the top bunk, and Sammmy had climbed out of his crib and was running amok. I took one look at Sam and thought "Oh crap." Actually you can substitute something much worse for crap, but I won't write it here. I had not had ANY plans to move Sammy into a big boy bed any time soon. The first time your kid crawls out of the crib is not a joyous occasion. The good/bad thing about Sam is that you only have to show him something once, and then he can do it too. I'm betting he saw Charlie climbing the crib, and thought "Why didn't I think of that?!" I had no idea how Charlie got to the top bunk, since we have the ladder turned towards the wall, but he couldn't get down once he was up there, so I left him on top to sleep, thinking this would cut down on the party if he wasn't able to get down to participate. I put Sam back in his crib and crossed my fingers.

Things were quiet for about 2 hours after that until I heard Charlie screaming "Get Char Char DOWN FROM HERE!" When I went in to collect him, Sam was again out of his bed, every blessed item not nailed down in their room was strewn over the floor, and Sammy was asleep in the bottom bunk, obviously tired from his rampage on his room.

After a strategy session last night, Jeff and I decided to move Charlie to the top bunk. We had originally planned on separating the bunk beds, but I think this might provide more calm. We also put Sammy to bed in the bottom bunk last night. Boy, did that kid think he was hot stuff. He went right to sleep though and didn't get out once. It was a quiet night, and I just got them up without a hitch.

My hopes are not so high for naptime though.

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