Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Today Show Reaches it's Audience

On Monday when we were driving to school, Evan and I were listening to the Today Show on the radio. They aired a piece about the caloric pitfalls of kid's meals at fast food restaurants. I listened in horror as they mentioned a Happy Meal at McDonalds has almost 600 calories. As I mentally gagged, Evan voiced my thoughts when he said, "If that's how much a Happy Meal has, how about the adult meals?!" Exactly!

The story went on to explain that if you substituted apple slices for fries in a Happy Meal, you got rid of almost 200 calories.

So, today we went to McDonalds for our annual end of summer lunch. I guess we both had that report on our minds, but I about passed out when Evan ordered a Happy Meal (he usually gets the regular sized meals) and apple slices instead of fries. As I looked at him with pride, and was amazed at his restraint around food, he said, "It's never too early to get healthy, Mom." Exactly.

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