Friday, August 15, 2008

The Poop Olympics

Sammy won the gold today for most poop smeared over a bedroom.

I woke up with the continuation of a migrain headache from yesterday. I spent several minutes in bed after I woke up checking email and such, and trying to convince myself I could handle the demands of two toddlers on top of a killer headache.

I walked gingerly down the hall to collect the boys, but as soon as I opened the door of Charlie and Sam's room I was blinded by the most overwhelming, disgusting, poop smell. Gagging, I walked into a disaster.

Sammy had poop all over his bed, blankie, bedding, Lammy, carpet, Elmo chair, hair, binky, toys, and walls. Why does this always happen when I don't feel well?!! He was sitting in the middle of the floor-now an ocean of crap-and he looked up at me sweetly and said "Sammy a mess!" I started with him, changed him, bathed him, and got him out of the mess. I moved on to Charlie who kept saying "Sammy smells BAD! Poop everywhere!" It took me forever to wash the sheets and scrub the bedroom.

The positive? I don't know how it helped, if it was the smell clearing out my sinus' or what, but by the end of the mega cleaning session my headache was gone. Praise God!! Not that I would want to try that remedy EVER again.

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