Saturday, August 09, 2008

Barrel of Monkeys

I love it when kids get words mixed up and what they are trying to say gets totally turned around and funny. Evan doesn't do it too often anymore, so I love it even more when he does. Yesterday was a good one.

Evan and I were swimming at my parents house while the babies slept inside for our last day of summer fun. We were looking across the yard at my Dad's flower garden when a HUGE rabbit popped out from under a bush. It was at least as big as a cat. A few minutes later two smaller rabbits jumped out after him. Evan said, "Look Mom! It's a barrel of bunnies!!"

I thought "What?!!" to myself but I said, nicely trying to figure out his line of reasoning, "You mean like a bucket? Is there a bucket of bunnies?"

He looked at me like I was stupid and said, "Mom. There is no bucket over there. You see where all those bunnies came out? It's their house! A barrel of bunnies!" The light bulb flashed on and I knew he meant BURROW of bunnies. I couldn't help it-the image of bunnies living in a big barrel was too funny and I giggled uncontrollably. I let him in on the joke, and he laughed too.

I'm glad my big kid can still have these moments.

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