Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day News

We all went back to school today! Although really, only Charlie and Sammy had normal, back at school days. Evan went to After School Care, I had meetings ALL day long.

It went better than expected! Sammy took a nap on his nap mat, without a binky. This was a MAJOR miracle. Sammy also ran right in to the classroom when we got there, and could have cared less when I left. Charlie was able to tell me about his day for the first time ever. When I asked him what he did at school, he reported, "I didn't scream. I had jobs. I went potty." He told the teacher twice he had to go potty, and he went. No temper tantrums, and he was teacher helper. He thoroughly enjoyed helping to do the odd job around the classroom. He was pretty teary when I left in the morning, but got adjusted quickly.

Of course, when we got home they both screamed and cried off and on for the first 2 hours. This seems to be pretty normal for first days. Its almost like they have to get out all the fussiness they were trying to restrain at school. Hopefully that eases up as we go through the week.

In a lot of ways it was a relief to go back to the routine of our regular school day. It was also nice in a lot of ways to go back to "teacher" me. I don't realize it during the summer, but when I go back I realize I miss the working me. That was nice to feel, and made things easier for me. Hopefully next week when things get started with students, I will still feel the same way.

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