Monday, December 31, 2007

Creeping into 2008...

I am little nervous about this upcoming week...I have been on what Jeff and I refer to as my "happy pills" since around a month before Sammy was born to help deal with the effects of post partum depression. I really feel like they helped a lot, and I wish I had been brave enough to speak up and get help after Evan and Charlie were born too. I think that those first months with a newborn would have been a lot easier, happier, calmmer, etc. I guess the bright side is at least I found help at the tail end of the Irish twins experience or that could have been a whole lot more depressing! In fact, I feel better and more normal than I have since my bout with anorexia as a teenager. So, I am especially nervous this week as I begin to wean myself off of them. I am nervous about side effects, but also that I will loose my balance. Send me good brain waves on this one!!!!

I am super excited for Evan today...I just signed him up for 10 weeks of swimming lessons at Swimtastic, which I have heard great things about. He hates soccer and other team sports but loves to swim, so I am hoping this fills a niche for him in his life. I also am excited to get him exercising!

Nothing special going on around here for New Year's Eve...I have this phobia about going out on New Year's Eve with all of the drunk drivers so, as usual, we are staying in with a bottle of wine and some DVDs. Happy New Year's to you and yours!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Christmas

Christmas this year was nothing less than chaos. It started Christmas eve. If you read my last post I noted that taking both babies to church at the same time is horrible, but I was stupid and tried it anyway. Evan is part of the choir Awesome Angels at school and they sang at the 4:30 Mass. I really wanted that picture perfect Christmas church experience so I insisted rather stubbornly that we all go to church to see him sing. Jeff reminded me that this was of course insane, but went along with my wishes. We had to get to church at 3:30 to get seats, (all of those C & E Catholics showing up) and they were very good for the hour we had to wait for church to start. Of course, once things got rolling they were out of patience and went nuts. Charlie spent the entire Mass with Jeff in my classroom playing with toys, and I walked the foyer with Sam, so it ended up NONE of us were together for church.

We celebrated Christmas Eve at my parent's house for the first time. This included 4 children under 3 opening gifts at break neck speed. At one point my sister Sarah was in tears, and my father was buried in wrapping paper. It was fun, but also exhausting and overwhelming.

Christmas morning was nice with just us, other than the video camera pooped out halfway through opening gifts (which came only a week after the digital camera broke! If anyone has suggestions on good buys, let me know). The boys all liked their gifts, and I was really excited that Jeff got me two Notre Dame t-shirts and a Packers t-shirt, making my transformation to a football fan complete. We went up to Harlan to celebrate with Jeff's family for the first time later in the day. They had prime rib (MY FAVORITE!!!!!) and they all spoiled the boys. It is so neat for me to watch Jeff's dad with the kids. He got them sleds for Christmas and took them sledding for about an hour in the backyard, which they loved. He is so in love with his grand children it is just amazing to watch.

We came home to a disaster in the living room so for the next three hours Jeff took toys out of boxes while I distributed toys to the right places, and cleaned up the mess. I still feel like we are recovering 3 days later, but I count the whole thing as a success. The kids were happy, we were all well fed, and we spent time together. What more could you ask for?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Holidays

While I actually have a semi-peaceful moment, I thought I should update my blog. Life is pretty much the same, with a few small changes.

Sophie the dog went to live with a new family last Tuesday. It was hard for all of us (even Charlie, who has wondered the house shouting "Doggie! Where are you?" It was also a relief in a lot of ways too. After the dog ripping apart several screens on windows, eating every single pair of my shoes, eating Sam's shoes, ripping apart countless baby toys, making numerous poop spots on the carpet in her insistance on letting us know she was displeased with something, it was nice to think that none of that will happen again. The last straw was the dog eating all of my shoes. Not something you want to replace during the holiday season. I literally wanted to kill her. Jeff and I looked at each other, and it was clear to both of us that while we loved her, it wasn't working for anyone. I just don't have time with two toddlers to give a dog behavior therapy as well. Lucky for us, she was adopted by a VERY nice woman, who has agreed to send us pictures of her, let us visit, and also has a nine year old son who Evan has set up a playdate with over the holidays. It's kind of like an open adoption. She had Sophie sitting on command within 5 minutes of meeting her, and I new she would be better off with her. I am so grateful to her for giving Sophie a good home!

School is going well. I feel like after two years of chaos with the babies and just treading water at school, I am finally back in the groove. I love my class, and I love being "back" in the classroom, in the sense I have my sleep, body, and brain back.

Jeff and I are really doing well. We had a rough start to marriage after all of the stressors we encountered in the first 2 years, but now that life is settling down, we are really enjoying being married. I am so lucky to have him, and that he put up with my insanity-literally-while pregnant and through post partum depression. Every time Sammy passes a milestone like giving up his bottle, or walking, it is bittersweet. I am sad to know he is my youngest, and this is the last time I will have a baby do this, but it is also a relief. The last two years have been brutal. I am glad to be getting myself back, piece by piece. I keep thinking of my grandmother who had 6 children in 6 years. I would not have made it. I can say that with complete assurance. I think she should be nominated for sainthood.

I took Charlie to church with me for the first time yesterday. Just Evan and I have been going for a long time, since dealing with both of the babies at church at once is a complete disaster. He was an ANGEL! He didn't say one word and sat in his chair the entire time, without a binkie or even a toy. We had a long talk before church started about how he had to be quiet, so whenever I tried to sing or talk, he gave me a loud shush sign. What a cutie!

So, it is with great expectations that I look forward to 2008. I am excited to have kids that are a little bit older, to get a lot more sleep, and to spend some time on me and my marriage. Hopefully it will be a year for us filled with regular old stuff.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Blisters Everywhere

Charlie and Sam both came down with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease last Thursday and had to stay home from school. This morning I woke up and felt like I had a canker sore on my tongue, but I didn't think too much of it. By lunchtime though, I had blisters all over my tongue and I can see (and feel!!!!) blisters going all down the back of my throat. It hurts like hell. No wonder the babies wouldn't eat when they had it! This is absolutely miserable.

Monday, November 26, 2007

One of the more difficult things about being the only girl in the house...

is trying to watch one of my favorite movies, White Christmas. This is that old classic with lots of singing and dancing and Bing Crosby. To his credit, Jeff did put up with letting me watch it, but he had a grimace on his face the entire time. Evan kept asking why everyone kept singing, and even Charlie got into the act by spitting at the TV. Honestly!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

What an HONOR!

I haven't written in forever, as the end of my summer was pretty excruciating, and included a lot of illness, but I will write about that later. Something so beautiful, and much more important happened to me yesterday...I had the supreme honor of becoming Joel Norman's godmother. Joel is the son of two of my closest friends, Adam and Christi. I have known Adam since we were 12, and it is so neat to be now playing a role in the life of his children. And Christi is my closest Mom friend, I don't know what I would do without her, so it was just the neatest thing to be asked, and to get to be a big part of Joel's life. I was so lucky as to see Joel come into the world in February, and this felt like the perfect continuation of that journey that began on his birthday. The ceremony was beautiful, the food afterword at Christi's parent's house was yummy (I was also able to fit in a trip to Mickel's on the way out of Harlan for some fried rolls-YUM!)but I was just tickled pink to be with Joel. I love you buddy! Congratulations!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Wow! What a gift!

Yesterday, we celebrated my birthday with my family at my parent's house. My mom made a delicious birthday dinner: fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade dinner rolls, green beans, and cherry cheesecake. Delish! And then- I got a gift that I have been wanting since I was 18...A RECORD PLAYER!!! I know that probably no one else but me would get excited about that, but I love it so much. (It also has a cd player and a tape player). We spent all day playing records today and it was so much fun. Evan was amazed that those "big CDs have music on BOTH sides!"

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday to ME!!!

It has been a very nice birthday for me today..low key and simple, but filled with good friends. Christi stopped by this morning with some VERY cute balloons (pink, purple, and very girly-just the way I like it!!) from the Koch family. I got three birthday cards from co-workers in the mail, lots of phone calls wishing me a happy day. I also got to get my hair done by the AWESOME Katie, where I got lots of blond highlights, and I whacked my hair off. We all agreed it looked like there was a pet on the floor when we were done from all the hair. My good friend Sarah was there when I got my hair done, and it was so nice to see her. I love old friends that you have had forever you can talk to anytime, and it's like you are 16 again (which is especially nice on your 30th birthday!) Sarah brought me some yummy rice krispie treats to enjoy. Tonight, Jeff and I are going out to a movie, and to eat at my favorite-RED LOBSTER!! Yum!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Sad News

Last night while I was reading the paper at dinner, I saw an article that told of the death of an old friend I had the priviledge of teaching preschool with at Children's Corner, Marla Little. She was only 37 years old, and left behind two daughters and a husband. Marla was so kind and supportive to me when I was pregnant with Evan. The women at C.C. really provided me with love and support during a hard time in my life. I was so sad to hear of her death.

Up until that point I had been feeling pretty disgusted about turning 30 tomorrow. Hearing the sad news about Marla though was like a kick in the face. I am just glad now to have the time that I do with my family and kids, and every day here is a gift, no matter how old you are. I will happily celebrate my birthday tomorrow.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Day From Hell

Everything possible has gone wrong today. Every little thing that could go wrong did. Including Sam spitting up litterally 17 times, over as much of the living room carpet as possible. Including Charlie being outside for only 10 minutes before managing to cover himself in dog poop from his hair to his ears to his toes. Including Jeff coming home from work and stating that he wants to put the house loan and hence the house in only his name due to my bad credit rating (which is the fault of a certain former significant other who took out credit cards in my name without my knowledge). I am also starting to feel sick. I am just going to go to bed and hope that life is better tomorrow.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer at the Micek Kleffman House

Our backyard is pretty slanty which may not be a problem for some people, but it is a problem for Christy the fish. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be out in the water in the summer. Since Evan came along that has meant not as many trips to the public pool, but rather in a horse tank in the backyard, which is still okay by me. At least I am in the sun and the water. However, in our new backyard, there is no place to put it. So, Jeff and I made the plunge to turn our house into a truly white trash hangout, and put a wading pool on our deck. It's better than nothing, and truly it's probably as deep as Charlie and Sam can handle this summer. On Sunday, when the kids went down for their afternoon naps, Jeff and I stayed out in the pool by ourselves, me having a beer. We looked at each other, and Jeff said "We're pathetic, aren't we?" Pretty much.

I am so excited today because my friend Katy is in town, and I get to see her and her new little one Nicole. YEAH!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Christy Freaks Out

So...I haven't written in awhile. Not because I didn't have anything going on that I wanted to write about, only because I couldn't get my posts to show up on the blog. Anyway, it seems to be working now, and yes, I am still alive.

The major thing that I wanted to write about was that two weeks ago, Evan started going to the Millard Children's Academy for two days a week. Jeff and I decided to send him there not because I am lazy about taking care of the kids, but because we know he gets tired of being cooped up with the babies all the time, and it is hard to get him to the pool and other fun places with Charlie and Sam around. So, he goes there 2 days a week, gets to go on fun field trips, and is making new friends that live a lot closer to our house than the friends from school do. I am really proud of him. He was realy brave about trying something new, and even when two kids called him a crybaby, he dusted himself off, and went right back to making new friends and was excited to go back for his next visit. That's a lot more than I would have done at his age. The weird thing for me about this whole experience is that it is the first time in Evan's whole life that he has gone to a school or daycare completely by himself. In the past, my mom or I have always been with him. I was really teary the first day! I think it is good for both of us to have this experience, but it's always a little painful to have your little ones spread their wings.

The other thing I had wanted to write about was me having a freak out attack last Tuesday. My period was maybe 4 hours late and I was a NERVOUS WRECK! I even took a pregnancy test, since I knew after 4 hours of stress that I was nearing a panic attack. It was of course negative, but it was one more thing to assure me that the vasectomy was the right choice. The funny thing is that I left the empty pee cup in the bathroom on the shelf, since I heard Charlie clobbering Sam in the next room and knew intervention was needed, and then I forgot about it. That night, Jeff filled it with water, and used it to brush his teeth! Ahhh....the joys of marriage!

A Painful Weekend

This post was originally written on June 1, but I couldn't get it to post...

This weekend has been SOOOO hectic. It all started Thursday...the pooch, Sophie got spayed that day, and both babies had surgery. Sam had tubes put in his ears, and Charlie also had tubes put in, but also had his adnoids removed. The surgery took place at the new Boys Town National Research Hospital in Boys Town. It was such a nice facility, and it was great to not have to drive down to 30th street. Both babies required Tylenol with Codeine from Thursday until Saturday, but things seemed better today. During Charlie's surgery, they also suctioned out all of the buckets of snot stuck in his sinus' (sorry to be gross, but I am so glad it is gone! The doctor said there was massive amounts of it in his poor little head). Then on Friday, Jeff went in for a little snip snip. (aka vasectomy) I am not supposed to talk about this in public, but I feel like it affects me too. I was nervous that I would be devastated afterwards at the permanence of it, but it told me it was the right decision when I felt completely fine about it this weekend. Our family feels just right to me, and that is a really good feeling! Surprisingly, there wasn't much pain or discomfort with the procedure for Jeff, so that was great. The yuckiest part is that he can't lift anything for about 10 days, so I am stuck with baby duty. I will be ready for a break when this is over.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Weekend of Surgeries

This weekend has been SOOOO hectic. It all started Thursday...the pooch, Sophie got spayed that day, and both babies had surgery. Sam had tubes put in his ears, and Charlie also had tubes put in, but also had his adnoids removed. The surgery took place at the new Boys Town National Research Hospital in Boys Town. It was such a nice facility, and it was great to not have to drive down to 30th street. Both babies required Tylenol with Codeine from Thursday until Saturday, but things seemed better today. During Charlie's surgery, they also suctioned out all of the buckets of snot stuck in his sinus' (sorry to be gross, but I am so glad it is gone! The doctor said there was massive amounts of it in his poor little head). Then on Friday, Jeff went in for a little snip snip. (aka vasectomy) I am not supposed to talk about this in public, but I feel like it affects me too. I was nervous that I would be devastated afterwards at the permanence of it, but it told me it was the right decision when I felt completely fine about it this weekend. Our family feels just right to me, and that is a really good feeling! Surprisingly, there wasn't much pain or discomfort with the procedure for Jeff, so that was great. The yuckiest part is that he can't lift anything for about 10 days, so I am stuck with baby duty. I will be ready for a break when this is over.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Sibling Rivalry

My first experience with sibling rivalry as a parent has begun...on Wednesday Charlie started trying to take out his brother Sam. Evan has never displayed any jealousy or agression towards either of his brothers, so this is a new one for me. Charlie alternates between hugging Sam and slapping him. While grocery shopping on Sunday, I had the babies in the double stroller, and I put Charlie in the back seat in the hopes of keeping him from shoplifting things off the shelves. However, he just found a new way to be naughty. He discovered he had easy access to Sam poor bald head, and he let loose and just WHACKED him as hard as he could. Sam looked at me with such shock that anyone would not love him, it was heartbreaking. He burst into tears. I felt horrible. And Charlie is such a darn stinker. After you say no, or give him a time out, be looks at you out of the corner of his eye, AND DOES IT AGAIN!!! He is really going to give me a run for my money. I am really boping Sam is going to be my easy kid. Everybody gets at least one easy one, right?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Life at the Kleffman House

So much has been happening lately...I haven't had time to write! Our major project around the house has been building our own fence. It is a 6 foot privacy fence, in a shadow weave design. We got all of the posts dug and cemented last weekend, and this weekend we completed the entire back side of the yard (minus the gate). That leaves one more side, and three gates. We are saving about $1600 doing it ourselves, but yikes! What a lot of work. Jeff even used power tools!! I was proud yet terrified to watch him! I tried to include a picture, but so far it's not working.

What is a worse idea than 2 babies under 2 in one house? 2 babies under 2 and a puppy. I was nervous about adding a puppy into the mix, but I thought that so often Evan's needs get pushed to the side for the babies, that this time he needed to come first, so last Tuesday we got a little Wheaten Terrier puppy, 10 weeks old. Her name is Sophie, and she is adorable. She is also very calm, very patient with the kids, and never ever barks. Her only issue is she COMPLETELY does NOT understand potty training. We have heard from training videos, training books, the pet store, etc. that a kennel is the way to train. It does not deter her at all though from going where she sits. She is more than happy to dance through her own excrement. UGH! Hopefully this will get better.

Charlie is getting tubes on May 31st, and Sam will probably also get them the same day. Sophie is going in to get spayed the same day, so it should be a painful day at the Kleffman house!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Missing Trudy

I just found out that Trudy, our sweet little dog, died in a freak accident this morning. She was in our storage room since she wouldn't go to the bathroom this morning because of the rain. When Jeff opened the door to the room to check on her before he left for work, it must have hit her in the head. She had been standing right behind it barking. I am so devastated. Trudy was Evan and I's baby for so many years when it was just us. She and Evan were truly best friends, and she slept with him every night. I cannot stop crying poor kids at school! I just am so stunned, and I am so sad, and I am just torn apart for Evan....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Life in General Update

Now that we are back to all the kiddies being in bed at 8:00 at our house (otherwise known as FREEDOM TIME!!!), I am hoping to have more time to blog again. Lots has been happening over the last few months...

Charlie is now almost 15 months old. I can hardly believe that. It seems like he should still be a newborn. He is now running everywhere, LOVES to play with cars (I swear that comes on the Y chromosome-watch out Christi), and is definitely suffering from middle child syndrome at a young age. He seems to love Sam, as he is constantly giving hugs and kisses, but he is insanely jealous of him too. He hates for me to hold Sam, for Evan to get to close to me, or sometimes even for Jeff to hug me. I think the early introduction of a younger sibling has shaken his faith in me a bit. He is also suffering from some delayed speech development. He doesn't as yet have any purposeful words, not even Mom. He is slowly picking up consonant sounds, but that's it. His pediatrician thinks it is from his constant sinus infections/clogged ears. So, we are off to see the ENT tomorrow to see if tubes would help, and he is going to be evaluated by Millard Public Schools in the next few weeks to see if he needs to be admitted to some early childhood speech therapy.

Evan is my super duper awesome helper. I would NOT have made it through Charlie and Sam and tax season if not for him. We are a real team. I don't even know how I would get shopping done without him. He pushes the cart while I push the stroller and try to stop Charlie from shoplifting items off the shelves. He made his 1st Communion a couple of weeks ago, a big moment for him. He has been looking forward to it all of 2nd grade. He is starting to assert his independence though with some sassiness and back talk, which is such a shock to me sometimes. I think we are getting a glimpse into puberty, which sadly is only about 4 years away. Ugh.

Sammy is almost 5 months old already. He LOVES to stand at all times, and can spend forever in his exersaucer. He is dealing with the chronic ear infections Evan did when he was little, so I don't think he will hold out for tubes as long as Charlie has. No teeth yet, which is strange as both the other two got two teeth right at three months. He is such a happy, laughing, adorable little boy. I am so glad we have him, even though I was scared spitless at first to have him in the mix.

Jeff and I are really good, except for the occasional spat. Things are much improved from our troubles last summer. We got out of the house for only the second time since Sam was born last Saturday. We went to a friend's birthday party, and it was SOOOOOO nice to be just us, no kids, and have fun. It was held at this restaurant in Council Bluffs called the Pizza King which turned out to be AWESOME!!! They have the best prime rib ever. And I am not exagerating.

Well that totally sounded like a Christmas letter. Sorry. I shouldn't let it get this long without an update. Oh, and I wanted to say thanks for the offers of a "do" to my post about being fat and disgusting. I always knew I could count on you guys for anything!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Hair Pictures

Thanks to Sarah's camera phone, here are some pictures of my hair from Sunday night...

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Goddess of Hair

I went to get my hair done last night by the BEST hair stylist EVER!!! Katie Carpenter, the youngest sister of my friend Sarah, is a magician with hair. It is the first time I have truly been happy with the way things turned out. I got layers, highlights, lowlights, and some red put in too. I just love it. I cannot say enough about how awesome she is!! I will put up a picture when I get a chance.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

How do you know when you are fat and disgusting?

When you get your hair done and you look better than you have since your wedding day, you haven't had sex in 2 1/2 weeks, and when you suggest a little fun in the bedroom, your husband looks at you and says, "C'mon Christy. Not tonight."

Saturday, February 24, 2007

What happens when your toddler is tall enough to reach over the top of the table?

He spreads corn all over the living room floor!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Space

My sister signed me up for a MySpace account yesterday. My entire family, including my Aunts, is currently on the thing, and everyone has been nagging me to get one, so I am glad she finally signed me up for it. The downside is that it is making me feel stupid. I just really don't get how it works. I have been playing around with it for a bit, and I am not sure what I am supposed to do. Is this what our parents feel like when they can't program the clock on the VCR? So, if any of you belong to MySpace, I am there too. Kind of...

I am getting worried about the weather Sunday. I am giving Christi and Joel a baby shower this day, and I am REALLY excited for it, but there are a lot of guests coming in from Harlan. I hope everyone can make it down in the snow! Maybe it will turn into a slumber party...

Sam is going back into the doctor tomorrow. He was diagnosed with a double ear infection on Friday, and the Amoxicillin he is on is doing NOTHING! He won't eat, and is constantly cranky. Why can't my kids EVER BE HEALTHY?????!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Finding Time for Everything

Since Sam was born, I have been having a terrible time fitting in one of the most important things for the mother of three boys, clearning the house. This has become even more difficult since I went back to work, and since we entered the ConAgra tax season. Poor Jeff works TERRIBLY long hours during the months of January, February, and March. Usually he is awesome about helping me divide up chores so one of us doesn't have to do everything, but during this time of the year, not only do I mostly have the kids by myself, I also have the cleaning mostly to myself.

Luckily, my awesome friend Christi came to my rescue (again!) and sent me the name of a website called Motivated Moms. They make a planner that shows you how to break cleaning into 4-5 small, manageable tasks per day. I love that they remind you to do things I never think of, like wash the shower curtains. I feel so much better about myself, and my house! So much less guilt. THANK YOU CHRISTI!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Welcome to the World Joel!

I had the incredible honor Saturday of being present at the birth of Joel Norman Koch. It was the most amazing experience of my life, almost more exciting than the births of my own kids! I can't even put into words how beautiful, emotional, and incredible it was. I am so grateful to Christi and Adam for letting me help them welcome their new baby boy to the world. He is absolutely adorable...I don't think he looks very much like Alyssa when she was a newborn, but I do think he has Adam's ears. He is just precious. I also got to witness his first "boy" moment with Adam. The nurse had him in the warmer, and Adam was standing near taking pictures, when Joel did his first fountain pee over the side of the warmer, just missing his father.

I can't wait to watch this new little one grow up!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Fun and Games at the Pediatrician's Office

Today I was brave (or stupid) and took both of the babies into the doctor at the same time. Charlie went for his 12 month check, and Sam for his 2 month check. What an adventure! Thank God Evan was there to help, as the visit involved 9 shots between the two, much crying and screaming, and much heavy lifting by me as I had to carry both Sam and Charlie around at the same time without the aid of the stroller. As a reward to me for surviving, to Evan for helping, and to Charlie for getting through 4 shots, we went to Runza and picked up lunch. (We had a half day at school).

Sam is now 15 pounds, and 23 3/4 inches. Charlie is 26 pounds, 32 inches. Both boys are in the 98% for height and weight. Dr. Byrne mentioned he felt sorry for us with our food bill when the boys are teenagers. I had to agree it will probably be horrible. Sam has amazingly not yet developed eczyma, the only one out of the three to not have problems with it by 2 months of age. He also hasn't gotten cradle cap yet, so Dr. Byrne says that might indicate he will have less skin and allergy problems (glory hallelujah!!) Charlie has been on an antibiotic for the last two weeks for his sinus infection that never goes away. I knew it hadn't helped his nose again as it is still green and gooey, but I was surprised to learn that he also has developed a double ear infection. So much for Omnicef. We are back on Augmentin. Charlie has been on CONSTANT antibiotics for the last 4 months, and it is getting pretty depressing, not to mention expensive.

Sam has also been sleeping through the night lately, which has been awesome, but Dr. Byrne also said that indicates he is fully capable of making it through the night without a feeding. So, he wants us to do the "fuss it out" routine with him at night if he wakes up, so he doesn't get back in the habbit of eating during the night. I am SOOOO excited about this! I can't wait to have my nights back to myself again, and it is such a relief to know that I am done with during the night feedings!!!!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Charlie and Sam Share Their First Male Bonding Moment

On Saturday I had a brief glimpse of what life is going to be like being the only girl in a house with four boys. I was holding Sam on my lap on the floor, and Charlie was sitting right next to us, and he was holding Sam's hands (Charlie loves to give him hugs, kisses, you name it). All of a sudden Sam (who can burp and fart like the rudest biggest truck driver you can imagaine) let out a HUMONGOUS toot. Charlie looked at Sam, and then he completely CRACKED UP. He laughed so hard he had tears coming out the corners of his eyes. Sam actually smiled back at him. The testosterone based sense of humor must start right after birth.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hilarious Harlan High

I was talking with Jeff last night (which was actually quite was the first time since Sam was born that all the kids were down for the count by 9:00 and we actually had "us" time) and he was telling me about this hilarious tidbit of high school his principal was named Mr. Klinkefuss, and get this-the assistant principal was named Miss Kumm! With names like those, I would have strayed far from the education field. I laughed for about 5 minutes!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Charlie is a Big Boy

Charlie celebrated his 1st birthday on Wednesday. He brought chocolate chip cookies to school to share with his friends, who sang him happy birthday. He got to pick out the activity for the day, and he didn't have to pick up toys (he's not real great at this anyway). At home, we had his favorites for dinner (hot dogs, tater tots, and carrots). Jeff even made it home a little after 7 to spend some time with him on his birthday, which was nice. I can't believe it has been a year already! He is really taking off with walking. It is so strange to see him toddling across the floor. You can tell he is really proud of himself about it!

Charlie went in to the doctor yet again yesterday for another sinus infection. We talked for a bit with an ENT who suggested he have his adenoids out at 2 years, but until then there isn't much to do besides antibiotics and riding out the infections.

In Sam news, he has slept through the night for the past THREE nights! (He sleeps from 9 at night to about 5:00 in the morning). I have no idea why he is doing this...I wish I could pinpoint something I am doing to make sure he keeps it up! It has been a lot easier going to work with more sleep this week.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Crazy, Crazy, Craziness

I don't know if I will ever recover from going back to work on Thursday. My job is such an active one where I am on my feet and moving all day long that I am absolutely pooped by the time 3:00 roles around. And then after that I still have to clean up my room and head down to daycare where I have the insurmountable task of dressing Sam and Charlie like Eskimos and carting all three boys out of school. (Thank God for my baby product for the's called a Bundle Me and it attaches to infant car seats so that they don't have to wear a traditional coat.) We have a double stroller now so at least I don't have to carry both of them at the same time, but it's still quite the experience. I also made the stupid decision to have Sam's Baptism and Charlie's First Birthday party today, when I really just wanted to veg (I should have had it next weekend, or even when I was still on maternity leave). We kept it really small with just grandparents and aunts and uncles, no decorations or anything, and just food prepared all by Sam's and not by me (thank God!). It ended up being nice and pretty stress free, but even so, it was very tiring. Everything seems to require 20x the energy lately. I thought back this morning to Evan's first party and how bananas I went on it. We had TONS of people over, a HUGE dinner including expensive polish sausage from Stoysich, decorations everywhere, the works. I feel bad sometimes for Sam especially that he kind of gets the dregs of things, but maybe kids don't need all of that hoopla anyway. Charlie still had fun smashing cake all over himself, and playing with new toys. Someday they both may hate me for combining the two events and not giving them separate celebrations, or for not going all out on things, but I guess I have to do what I can with the energy/time/funds that I have to work with at the time.

In Charlie news, he really started taking off walking today. He took his first steps on the 22nd of December, but he waited until today to really start getting confidence and going everywhere. He is so cute to watch! He is also teething his one year molars which makes him pretty unbearable sometimes. I am a little discouraged about his sinuses. He has been off of antibiotics for 7 days, and like clockwork, he is getting sick again with a cough and goopy nose and eyes. I cannot keep him healthy! Looks like we will be back to the doctor next week.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

6 Week Check

I went in for my 6 week check, and I had some happy news...I have lost 31 pounds since Sam was born. Okay, so most of that was baby stuff I guess, but still, how many times does someone tell you that you've lost 31 pounds in 6 weeks!! I only have 5 more to go before I am back to my pre-Charlie weight. Not bad for someone who has had 2 ten pound babies in a year!! Of course, I am not anywhere near my pre-Charlie shape, but who knows if I'll ever see that again. I have to take the good news where I can get it.

It is back to the real world/normal life (if I even have one any more) tomorrow. I am so nervous that Sam won't sleep tonight and I will be a zombie tomorrow!!! I did something this morning I swore I would never do...I put cereal in Sam's bottle. I know you aren't supposed to yet at this age, but he wants to eat CONSTANTLY and this is part of his problem at night. Everyone over 50 and one girl our age that Jeff works with keep telling me they did it, it helped, and to try it. So, I broke down and did it. He has been remarkably calm today. We'll see if it helps tonight. That's all I'm hoping for, especially since Charlie is working on getting in his one year molars and is an absolute beast.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Warning...Girl Stuff Ahead...

I am so PUMPED! And I never EVER thought I would say this, but I got my period last week and I was SO EXCITED! After two years of being preggo, this is a major accomplishment for me. I have never been so glad to have this week in my life. I just felt so "normal" me again. With my crazy cycles, I hadn't had one in 22 months. Anyway, just had to share! Sorry Adam...

In other news, I go back to work on Thursday. I am actually kind of excited to get dressed up in the morning (instead of never changing out of my pajamas) and have a normal schedule again. I was going through my closet today seeing what I fit into again, and it was almost like going shopping! I haven't worn this stuff in so long I don't even remember it. The only thing I am worried about is being a zombie, since Sam is the worst sleeper ever. Prayers in this direction would be greatly appreciated!!!

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