Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My friend Christi is so on top of the mom thing. She is religious about getting her children's pictures taken. I did a great job with Evan, but Charlie and Sammy? Poor kids. They will think I didn't notice them with as few formal pictures I have had taken of them.

I am off to schedule portraits right now!!! Thank goodness I have Christi for a role model.


Christi said...

I think the whole pictures "issue" is one time when it really does help out to be a SAHM ... its so much easier to work it into our schedule than if I were working outside the house during the day and had to do it in the evenings/on weekends. So don't beat yourself up TOO much. ;)

Adam said...

I thought Christi had dropped the ball on Joel's 1 1/2 year pictures, but she hadn't! Yea for her!

And yea for you for scheduling family pics!

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