Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tekla and Samson

It has been FOREVER since I have posted anything! Not having a working computer at home is driving me nuts. We had one rigged for awhile but then the screen went out on my old monitor too, and everything is blue. Hopefully Creighton will make it over soon.

We had a really sad weekend this past Saturday and Sunday. Jeff, Evan, and I stayed at my parent's house while the wood floors in Evan's room were being sanded and varnished (which made the whole house reek). For about a month, Tekla, my parent's 12 year old westie/cocker mix (who I grew up with and all of us love to pieces) has had a little bit of a cough. On Sunday, when I went downstairs, it was REALLY bad. She sounded like a vacuum cleaner, and she was having a hard time breathing. I took her in to the emergency room with my mom and she had a lot of tests done. They discovered she has congestive heart failure. Her heart is VERY enlarged, she has a heart murmer, and she has a leaking valve in her heart. She stayed overnight at the hospital. After going to her regular vet the next day, she was put on an antibtiotic because she also had a lot of fluid in her lungs, Lasix (a diuretic my dad also takes), and high blood pressure medicine. They think she has about 6 months to a year if we are lucky. My sister and brothers and I are REALLY sad about the whole thing. She is everybody's baby, and it has been hard to think about.

Meanwhile, Samson, my classroom guniea pig, has been at the vet since last Thursday because he has a mystery illness that is causing his back legs to be paralyzed. He is on an IV, getting pain meds, vitamin C, and other things. I am hoping we don't have to put him to sleep. The kids would be so sad (and so would Mrs. Murphy and I!!) Before you think I am crazy for doing this much treatment for my guinea pig, the vet is donating her services since it is a classroom pet. What a saint of a woman! I cannot reccomed her enough.

What a sad week!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Nothing Much

Well, I haven't posted anything for awhile so I thought I had better get to it. Not a lot going on here except that I spent the last week getting over a lung infection that made breathing extremely difficult. I think that it probably got worse than it had to because I was pushing myself to be at work everyday. I only have 20 sick days saved up, not really enough for a maternitiy leave, so I am trying to not loose any of them on other things. This is a goal that is proving to be harder than it looks when one works in a room of 30 people who pick their nose, wipe snot on their arms and sleeves, and flick boogers at others for jollies.

In other news, my awesome Evan got a 100% on his spelling test on Friday for the first time in 1st grade!!! I am so proud of him. He works so much harder to get things like this than other kids do. We are going to see a movie this afternoon to celebrate.

22 weeks pregnant today!!

Monday, September 12, 2005


I don't want to annoy anyone with mushy stuff, but I have to brag about Jeff for a second. The three of us have definitely been going through an "adjustment phase" lately. It seemed a lot easier right after the wedding when Evan and I were still out of school, and not really on a schedule. Now that we are doing homework, Boy Scouts, yada yada yada every day stresses have been higher. Plus, I don't make things any easier with my hormone riddled emotions, and the tears that seem to always be lurking under the surface. (I cry at EVERYTHING!!! I even started crying while reading my first graders a book the other day. That took some explaining.) Anyway, I lost it last night and was really crying, stressed, etc. after Jeff and I talked about some things. He was so patient and kind and understanding with me. It's so nice to know I am married to such a kind person, and to know I made the right choice.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

IT'S A.......

BOY!!!! Yes, we had the ultrasound yesterday, and it was VERY obvious that is a boy. Before the ultrasound tech even said anything we got a legs spread shot of the little guy, and I said "Hopefully this is a boy, because if not, it has 3 legs!!" To which she said, "You know, I'm very sure you are right!" So, it looks like a little Charlie (or maybe William) Kleffman is on the way. Am I sad it isn't a girl? Yeah, a little bit. I still have 2 more chances though, so I haven't given up hope. I also know how much I really treasure my relationship with Evan, and I am looking forward to having that with another little guy. Although, I am getting seriously outnumbered around here. Thank goodness for Trudy!!!

I will post some of our ultrasound pics once the new computer is here.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I can hardly STAND it!!!! Tomorrow is our ultrasound!!! I absolutely cannot wait to find out what we are having. I will be SOOO disappointed if they can't tell what it is. After the ultrasound, Jeff and I are going out to dinner to celebrate at The Outback. I owe him a steak dinner for a REALLY stupid bet that I made on the same night we conceived the prizefighter (TMI?) Anyway, I bet him that we would not have conceived within the first six months of our marriage. Wasn't that stupid? I think God is punishing me just for saying it.

Hopefully I will be writing this entry in PINK tomorrow night!!!! Send me good brainwaves everyone!!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Halfway There

As of yesterday, I am 20 weeks pregnant! I am already halfway there. I am excited, but freaked out at the same time. It's been so long so there has been a baby in the house. I know what to expect this time, and I know it will be a bit of a shock! I know I really need to start mentally and emotionally preparing myself.

There is still a bunch to do at home as well. As soon as we know what the prizefighter is (as Jeff has called the baby this weekend-it is REALLY a big kicker) I will be able to start seeing what we need, what we already have, and getting stuff done. I can't wait to decorate the baby's room. I think that will really help me to feel like this is happening. I am SOOOOOO hoping that I can put some pink in the room!!! I will still be excited if it's a boy though. I love the relationship that Evan and I have. I think there is something really special about a mother son relationship. I'll be happy either way, but what fun to have a daughter!!

In about 8 weeks, Jeff and I get to start taking birth classes. We are going to deliver at the new Lakeside Hospital where my sister had Colin. It is really nice, and I am excited about that part of things. It will be so nice to have Jeff with me during "the event" this time, and have someone special to share it with. My parents and sister will be there as well. I can't wait to make it to the main event!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

New Home

Well, sorry to confuse all of you already. I have already found a new home for my blog. I had a bunch of requests for pictures on the old one, and it didn't have that capability. So here we are at blogger. As soon as I have the new computer set up, I will add some pics of my stupid new minivan. We have affectionately (or not so much) named it the M Squared. That stands for Mommy Mobile. I don't know why Jeff gets to refuse to drive it.

I will also add some pics of my stomach, which is rapidly getting to be of a ridiculous size.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Not a Virus

For crying out loud! Luke came over last night and took apart my computer. He discovered it wasn't a virus after all-the mother board and the power supply are fried. The computer is 5 years old, so I guess I shouldn't be terribly surprised by this, but I am still annoyed. Nothing like making 2 major purchases in a week!!! So, Luke rigged up Evan's computer combined with my hard drive for us to use in the interim. We ordered a new computer from Dell today, but it won't be here for a couple of weeks. BLECH!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Sienna It Is!

Sorry about no entry for so computer has picked up the STRANGEST virus at home. It now has the power to turn itself on and off at will, which is does joyfully whenever it is connected to a powersource. Luckily, my brother Creighton, and my brother in law Luke are computer gurus, and are going to get me back in business this weekend. I don't know what I would do if I wasn't related to them.Well, Jeff and I have made our first major purchase together!!! On Tuesday night I wheeled and deeled with the car salesman (I didn't do to badly if I do say so myself, thanks to my father's upbrining. He is the eternal arguer). We talked them down on the price, and I am now the proud (or mostly proud I guess) driver of a Mommy Mobile. We went with the Toyota Sienna, and we are so far really pleased with it. I think the most excited is Evan, who now gets to sit up high in his "captain's chair" and can see everything out the window finally. His poor teacher on Wednesday-it was ALL he talked about at school.I also went to the doctor's office on Wednesday afternoon. Our Quad test came back negative (YEAH!!!), the heart rate was 150 (very girlish-everybody THINK PINK!), and we have our ultrasound scheduled for next Friday. Since I have NO patience, we are of course going to find out the sex. Any guesses? What kind of a Kleffman do you think is on the way?

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