Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm In Love...

...with a bra! I ordered from some of their comfort stay strap bras. I LOVE THEM! They are true to their word. Not once today did I have to hitch up a strap, one of my pet peeves. For someone that is up and down and all around all day long working with students, I present quite a challenge to this aspect of a bra. I hate having to hitch things around while in my classroom. No matter how discreet you try to be, those little kids notice.

I realize the male readers are probably retching in disgust, but sad for you. Us ladies need to know these important things. So girls-go get one! It is AWESOME!

Update: For those who care, and you probably don't-we have pictures scheduled!!! Not only pictures of the boys, but a FAMILY PORTRAIT! I am embarrassed to say this will be our first (and Sammy is almost 2!!) I had to break Jeff's arm to get him to come, but it was worth it. Christi-we are going to Picture People!

1 comment:

Adam said...

Poor Jeff will be in a cast. :D

Just because some guys (read: Jeff) would "retch" about reading about bras, doesn't mean you should lump us all in that group! I know if I would hate it if I had to hike my boxers up all the time!

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