Thursday, August 07, 2008

Charlie Loves Church

Jeff told me this story about the boys last night.

Jeff was home with the two toddlers on Tuesday while I worked on my classroom. He decided to take them to the park, since Jeff was feeling a little stir crazy in the house (welcome to my world). There are NO parks in our neck of the woods, so he piled them into the van and set out. When Jeff turned left on 192nd instead of right, Charlie started having a temper tantrum in the back seat. Jeff got him calmed down enough to scream out what he was upset about. "Char Char wants to go to church!!" (And apparently Charlie knows which way you turn to get there!) Jeff explained that they were going to go have fun at the park, and play on the slides and swings. "No park you dumb Daddy!" Charlie screamed back. "Char wants to go to church!"

Jeff was stumped. He couldn't picture a child who would rather attend church than the park. Jeff is now wondering if Charlie will want to become some type of religious figure, like a priest.

He'll definitely have to get that temper under control first!

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