Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tear Fest

This morning Evan's 4th grade class ministered at our school Mass (meaning they sang in the choir loft, read all the readings, and took up the gifts at communion). Evan's special job was to carry up the bread at communion time. He was so proud of himself, and it was just adorable the way he sneaked a peek at me as he was walking past my class to make sure I was proud of him too.

I cried when he started coming down the aisle. This is not the first time he has done a job at Mass, in fact he has done this since Kindergarten, but for some reason, it just really hit me this morning. I think it is because he is just so grown up lately, so mature. I am so not ready for him to not be a little guy anymore. Watching your first grow up is the hardest. I guess I thought he would always be my baby. And I guess he will be in a lot of ways, he just doesn't look like it anymore. He's starting to look like a young man. Sigh.

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