Sunday, August 19, 2007

What an HONOR!

I haven't written in forever, as the end of my summer was pretty excruciating, and included a lot of illness, but I will write about that later. Something so beautiful, and much more important happened to me yesterday...I had the supreme honor of becoming Joel Norman's godmother. Joel is the son of two of my closest friends, Adam and Christi. I have known Adam since we were 12, and it is so neat to be now playing a role in the life of his children. And Christi is my closest Mom friend, I don't know what I would do without her, so it was just the neatest thing to be asked, and to get to be a big part of Joel's life. I was so lucky as to see Joel come into the world in February, and this felt like the perfect continuation of that journey that began on his birthday. The ceremony was beautiful, the food afterword at Christi's parent's house was yummy (I was also able to fit in a trip to Mickel's on the way out of Harlan for some fried rolls-YUM!)but I was just tickled pink to be with Joel. I love you buddy! Congratulations!

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