Thursday, August 14, 2008

No More Roller Derby and Other Tidbits

Our current kitchen table set has been a source of frustration for me since Evan was a toddler. It's not actually a set, either. I inherited the chairs when Evan and I moved into our first house from a friend of the family whose mother had recently died. They were free, and I was VERY appreciative. Although extremely comfy, they are the ugliest things ever, done in poop brown fake leather. Totally 80s. I hate the 80s. The worst feature of all though is that they are on wheels and lean back. Perfect for adults, not so much for toddlers. Evan, Charlie, and Sammy have all wreaked kitchen havoc during dinner time by pushing themselves away from the table and halfway across the room. They have tipped backwards out of the chairs knocking their heads on the hard floor. Jeff and I have taken to eating with one of our legs crooked through the arm rest of each toddler's chair so they can't roll away (and we can't walk after dinner either from sitting so oddly). The table I bought for $10 in college to use in my first apartment. Although many good friends have sat at it, and I have fed all three of my babies from it, it looks like I bought it for $10 at a garage sale in college.

Yesterday, Evan and I were 15 minutes early for swimming lessons. Next door to Swimtastic is a used furniture store called Hand Me Ups. I thought we would browse just to pass the time. On a swing through the kitchen table section, I saw a set I immediately fell for. It has a light oak table top and chair seats, with darker legs and chair spokes. The thing that sold me though was that besides the four chairs, there is a bench that sits along the back of the table. I could just picture my little guys eating dinner, sitting at that bench, legs swinging. Best of all, there are no wheels ANWYWHERE! I sent Evan off to swim lessons, while I haggled for the table, and I paid a fraction of the cost I would in a regular store. Best of all, the proceeds all go to a non profit foundation that helps visually impaired people to find employment. Okay, so it's not new, but who am I kidding? I have three boys who are not gentle with anything they come into contact with. I am afraid to buy new things. This way I won't be afraid to let them do art projects on it, or drive their toy cars along the top. I am in love-with a table! I will post pictures once I get it set up.

On to the other tidbits...When my parents were in Ireland they got each of us a gift. For Sammy, they picked out the softest, most adorable stuffed lamb (as they saw sheep everywhere they went). Sammy immediately fell in love, named it Lammy, and it has been his constant companion wherever he goes. This morning while I was getting Sammy dressed for school he was holding Lammy and inspecting his hooves. After much thought, he asked me "Mommy? Where Lammy's piggy toes?" Is that cute or what? I love it when you can finally start seeing into their little minds. I love that kid.

This morning I was reminded why I love working in a Catholic school. We had a retreat this morning, off campus, and it was so so so nice. The perfect thing to do before Open House and the craziness begins. It was all about how holiness is not just in acts like going to church, or praying. Holiness is in our entire daily life-in smiling at someone, making dinner, doing your job to support your family, taking care of your family, cleaning the house, or spending time with your spouse. It was like someone teaching you a whole new way to see the world. Just what I needed to hear. Because as a working mom, most of those things are all I have time for. It's nice to know I can be with God, and be Holy for God just by living my life.

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