Tuesday, March 02, 2010


One thing I have noticed in my 5 years of being married to a tax accountant, is that when one spouse has a job that requires them to work a lot of hours, the person that is left taking care of the family is left with precious little time to do things like nurture friendships. Instead, things like feeding and bathing the children, and laundry take precedence. Because I was a single mother for about 5 years before I got married and was yet again the sole person in charge of a household, my friendships with girlfriends have suffered sorely. I miss being in the company of a group of girls down to my very bones. Not having a "tribe" leaves me feeling adrift and lonely.

Last night I had a lovely little break from this whole conundrum. One of the other girls at school, who also happens to be one of my favorite people, invited some girls from school over to watch The Bachelor finale (I am obsessed with this show, which is a whole other post!) It has been years...literally years....since I have had a fun night out with a big group of girls. And oh! It was HEAVEN. I am so thankful that Jeff sacrificed and came home really early last night so that I could get out for a bit. Being able to laugh, talk, and laugh some more with a group of people who just "get" you is a gift.

I need, as much as I need to eat and breath, to do this on a more regular basis. I am not sure how to get it done, but I have to make friendships a priority.

And could you believe that Bachelor Jake?!! What was he thinking when he picked Vienna? An amazing ending to a great season! Looking forward to seeing Jake on Dancing With the Stars!

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