Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Win, But So Does the Gas Company

Yesterday Evan had swim lessons in the afternoon. Usually I drop the two toddlers off at my Mom's house so that I can watch Evan in peace. My parents are still in Ireland though, so they had to come with me. I was VERY nervous about this given Charlie's record for temper tantrums this week, and Sam's record for running away in public places and getting into things he shouldn't. Swimtastic is also filled with parents from my school, and I didn't want to look like the worlds biggest Loser Mom in front of them. So, while Evan went inside to swim, I brought along an Elmo DVD and our portable DVD player (my next car is so having the DVD already installed), snacks, and drinks, and we stayed in the car. The todllers were impressed, and I was relieved. The unfortunate part was that it was over 90 degrees so we had to leave the car on and the air running. For over half an hour. A complete waste of expensive gas, but so worth it for my sanity.

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Adam said...

And who can put a price on sanity?

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