Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some news..

Hello everyone! It has been WAY too long since my last post, and I have so much news to tell you!  For now though, I have to tell you about a new project I am working on.

On May 21, I will be walking in the American Heart Associations Heart Walk to honor the life of my Dad, and also for one of my students Abby.  Abby is actually the Heart Child of the year, and will be starting both the children's walk and the adult walk.  Abby has overcome multiple heart defects to become on of the most amazing young ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!

I would be so honored if you would visit here:
to help me make my dream a reality, and to help make a difference in the lives of those dealing with heart problems.

It makes me feel happy to know that there is something I can do to honor my father, and to help make sure other families don't have to experience the pain of loosing a loved one to heart disease.

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