Wednesday, May 31, 2006

About Me...

I got these from my friend Sarah's blog...I don't usually do them, but I am actually sitting alone at the computer tonight, so I thought I would.

Two Word Survey

1. Yourself: Young Mom

2. Your car: Sienna Minivan

3. Your Hair: Very Short! (I just cut it and I LOVE it!)

4. Your mother: One of my best friends

5. Your Father: My hero

6. Your Favorite Item: My Blankie

7. Your Dream Last Night: I can't stay asleep long enough to have a dream (trips to the bathroom...prego bladder)

8. Your Favorite Drink: Coca Cola...leaded, not diet

9. Your Dream Home: a 3 story with the kids bedrooms on the 2nd floor, the entire 3rd floor being a master suite

10. The Room You Are In:Downstairs TV Room

11. Your Pets:a dog named Trudy and a guinea pig named Samson

12. Your fear:BIRD FLU!!

13. Where You Want to be in Ten Years:I want three children who can occupy, feed, and take care of their toileting needs themselves, allowing their mother time to do something by herself. I would even settle for being able to use the bathroom by myself without bringing an infant with me

14. Who you hung out with last nite:my kids

15. What You’re is hard for me to believe that this is the same body that was anorexically, skeletally skinny. Now I am just round...everywhere.

16. Your Best Friends:my husband...most of the time...Christi, my sister Sarah, my mom

17. One of Your Wish List Items:A Nanny

18. Your Gender:Female

19. The Last Thing You Did:Water my grass...I can't stand yucky lawns

20. What You Are Wearing:a new sleeveless prego outfit...normally I don't wear sleeveless outfits, but I am beyond caring and just want to be comfortable

21. Your Favorite Weather:Thunderstorms...or temps in the kids and I are fish in the summer

22. Your Favorite Book:The Outsiders

23. The Last Thing You Ate:Orange Sherbet

24. Your Life:hectic and kid centered

25. Your mood:anxious

26. The last person you talked to on the phone:my daddy

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ultrasound #1

I got to "see" our new little one for the first time today! The ultrasound was to date the baby, which means take measurements of the baby to establish a more exact due date. I went in expecting to see a "peanut"; the little round blob with a beating heart that doesn't look anything like a baby. Only we saw a baby with arms, legs, ears, and everything else!!!! They are now telling me I am 12 weeks along, and my due date has been moved up to December 10th (Jeff's Dad's birthday). My Aunt Connie's is December 13th, and my Mom's is December 14th, so we are sure to hit somebody's. I am not sure how I feel about all this....I seem to be rushing right along. It was so nice to see the baby though. I felt this instant rush of love and protectiveness, just like I did with my other two, and for the first time I am truly feeling connected to the baby, excited, and happy to welcome it into our family. The heartrate was 168...very girlish...but I am NOT letting myself get my hopes up. Well, not too much anyway.

They are Truly Brothers

I have had the intense priviledge over the past week of watching my two sons become truly brothers. Evan has always been interested in Charlie, but Charlie has just started to be able to interact with him. Usually while we are eating dinner I hold Charlie on my lap, as he likes to be part of the action. The last few days, his whole attention has been focused on Evan, and he has babbled away to him the entire meal in cute baby conversation. He even starts giggling every time Evan smiles at him. If Evan crosses his field of vision, he smiles and laughs at him, and of course, Evan is just tickled. Evan was upset with me last night because I forgot to bring Charlie in to say good night to him and get a kiss. It has just melted my heart! I know we also have arguments and rivalry ahead of us, but what a treat to watch your children form that bond that will hold them close. I remember being so worried when I was pregnant if this baby was the right thing for Evan, and this has really driven it home that it is EXACTLY what Evan needed.

So...shout out to Christi...yes, your relationship with Alyssa might change, but in a good way. And what a blessing for both of you for her to have a whole new person to love the rest of her life. I know you will just melt to pieces when you see this happening with your own. I can't wait to watch!

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Cat's Out of the Bag

I let Evan spill the beans to everyone at school today. My tummy is just getting too noticeable, and I knew people were going to figure it out soon anywyay. Many people have been totally supportive...and some have said things like "Congratulations...I guess!" Now, of course, this is exactly how I truly do feel about the situation, a little duplicitous. However, I can't imagine saying that to someone else. Isn't a baby always a blessing? Yes, I am nervous about the work and time committment etcetera, but I still feel blessed to be having a child.

I went out for the afternoon with my Mom on Saturday. She took me out to lunch and then bought me some maternity clothes at Motherhood. Jeff watched the kiddos while I had a BLESSED afternoon to myself. I felt so much more myself after I had this time alone. It was great to just spend some one on one time with my mom, which we don't get as often anymore with all of these grandkids running around. I am so excited about my new clothes too...I got some fun summer stuff. Thank goodness for Moms!!! There's nobody else who can make you feel better like your Mom, especially when it's a problem that only a mother understands, like being so in need of time for yourself that you feel like you are going crazy sometimes. I love my kids, but sometimes, you just need a break!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

On Sunday morning, I was in the middle of a cough when I felt a strain in my back. About half an hour later, I was lifting Charlie the 20 lb. 4 month old in his car seat (which probably equals a total of about 30 lbs.) and I heard a POP! in my back. I could barely straighten up after this happened. I have been in intense back pain ever since. I have somehow made it through the last three days of work, because I am out of sick days, and have no desire to pay the substitute $125 out of my own pocket. This included yesterday, when we went on a field trip to Gifford Farm, and walked for what the tour guides told us was a 2 mile tour. I have no idea how I made it through that. I was determined not to miss it, since it is my favorite 1st grade field trip, and I wanted to have that experience with Evan. I finally called the doctor today since it just isn't getting any better, and she said it is because Charlie (who at the time was the gargantuan 10 pound newborn) really stretched out my tummy muscles, and they never had a chance to go back before this one decided to stretch them out some more. She suggested (and I giggle everytime I think of it) wearing a pregnancy support belt, which looks like one of those things that forklift operators wear. I should be in the height of fashion!! But, the pain is severe enough that I am willing to do it. The thought of being able to stand up straight sounds like heaven to me. Not that I am trying to be a martyr (well, not completely anyway) but the sad thing about all of this is that your children never completely realize what you do for them. At least not the boys. Evan and Charlie will never realize the physical effort I put into bringing them into the world. I have a COMPLETE new appreciation for my mother after going through all of this. Especially since three of her children were over 10 pounds. UGH! On a positive note, another teacher at my school who just had a baby the first week in September is also pregnant again, and she has the same due date that I do. Hers will not be as close together as mine of course, but I have someone to go through it with at school, and at least I will not be the sole focus of attention.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Awesome Dad

My dad sent me this prayer for Mother's Day:

Father of Life,

We thank you for the expectant mother who carries this growing hope
in her life and into our world. Bless her and the living promise of
this child and help her to manage the mix of joys, fears and
anxieties she may have about the time ahead.

As she watches her body change, may she grow in your own loving
kindness and compassion. Let her be inspired by Mary and Joseph who
model a loving family life and give her the courage to guide her
children in a faith-filled life.

Be with her in her gladness these days and deepen her faith, so that
labor might be a time of strength and prayer. Guard the health of
her baby and give her the peace of mind that may so often seem
elusive in this time.

With your grace, she will be ready for the end of this expectant
time and ready to take on the joys and challenges of parenthood.

May she praise you with Mary:

“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord and my spirit exalts in
God my savior.”

Isn't he sweet? I am so lucky to have him. It helped to cheer me up to read it, and to know that he is praying for me.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The ride to the doctors today was so sureal. I never thought I would be doing this again so soon. I remember driving for my six week check and thinking, "It's so nice I won't be coming back here all the time!" Wrong! Anyway, the doctor has "guestimated" that I am 10 weeks along already, and has put my temporary due date if things could get any worse....DECEMBER 25TH!!!! What are the statistical chances of that crap? She says my uterus is actually feeling in size that I am 12 weeks or farther, but she thinks it is just because it didn't have a chance to deflate from Charlie completely. She listened with the doplar machine and heard the blood flow already established in the placenta putting me at past 8 weeks, but she couldn't hear the heart beat so I can't yet be 12. This also matches what Jeff and I think may be the possible conception date, so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. I will be getting an ultrasound on May 30th to get a more specific age for the baby. It was really nice to talk to Cindy my midwife, and Dr. Clemmer the OB. They were both so upbeat and positive about the whole situation that I ended up feeling a lot better about things after I left. (Well, except for the due date of course, that is still ridiculous.) I had about 4 gallons of blood taken, and lots of tests run, so hopefully everything comes out okay.

Nervous Nervous Nervous

I am headed to the ObGyn today at 4:00 to have my initial appointment and hopefully have her sort out this mess and give me a due date. I am really nervous for some reason. I will post more info as we get it. I told my principal and assistant principal about the baby yesterday because I have to get out of a meeting for this appointment. They were really supportive, so that was nice. One hurdle down, a million to go!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Hot Tub Bliss

This weekend Jeff and I continued to unpack. I think we will be doing this for the rest of our lives. We did accomplish one major thing though...we emptied the hot tub, cleaned it out, refilled it, and figured out all of the moomba joomba you have to add to regulate the water. We took our maiden voyage in the tub last night. I think that every married couple should have a hot tub. What a fabulous thing to stick the kids in bed, and leave the world behind for an hour or so. I think there would be a lot less divorce if everyone had one of these!!! We had a great chance to relax, talk, and just be together.

In Charlie news, he has his first two teeth (bottom front) and he has started rolling over. He is changing so fast! I can't believe we are coming up on his 4 month birthday.

Friday, May 05, 2006


"It is a mistake to try to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time."
~ Sir Winston Churchill
This is going to be my mantra for my life over the next several years. Jeff and I found out last Tuesday, the day after we closed on the new house mind you, that I am pregnant again. I'll wait a few seconds for everyone to pick themselves up from the floor or to reattach their jaws. We had been shopping for our new fridge on Monday afternoon and I had to go to the bathroom a lot. Jeff said that I was acting pregnant. I of course thought he was crazy, but wanting to put his mind at ease, bought a test the next day, intending to make him feel better and assure him that I wasn't. Only I was. It immediately turned positive. At first, I was completely devastated. Physically and emotionally I didn't feel ready to have another child. I guess I still don't physically. Having a 10 pounder takes it out of you. I hope there are enough nutrients left in this body of mine for the new one. Emotionally, I am feeling better. Jeff and I have decided that this is most assuredly our last one, so I feel better knowing this is the last time (although a bit melancholy about it as well). I love the fact that Charlie will have someone to be close to and to have as a playmate. I know that we will get through that first tough year, and after that I will love it. We will be done with diapers pretty close to the same time, potty train around the same time, etc. Also, I have one more chance for a girl. Not that I'm counting on that one. I am preparing myself to have "my three sons", which would be nice too. I love my boys. So anyway, I guess this blog might become a pretty interesting place as I document the absolute CHAOS at the Micek/Kleffman house.
In other news, Jeff is back from Atlanta (Praise the Lord!!!) I have been missing him oodles. It will be nice to have my own personal space heater back in bed. Has anyone ever noticed the amount of heat that males put off while they are asleep? They are better than electric blankets.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Getting Settled

We are now officially into the new house!! We got everything in, through torrential rain and mud. We have a few spots on the carpet to clean up, but nothing too bad for the amount of moisture we had. We have the living room, kitchen, and kids rooms done (with the exception of pictures on the walls). Jeff and I's room is livable. My project for the rest of the week is to get everything in from the garage and put away, and then we can start on the basement.
I just found out from Adam's blog that Mark is pregnant (well Amy is I guess). Congrats Mark!!! (Even though you didn't tell me).

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