Who is the Sole Woman?

I am Christy.
I am a mom to three energetic boys.
I blessed to be wife to Mr. Jeff Kleffman, the handsomest man on Earth.
I am a 1st grade teacher, and am thankful everyday that teaching is the vocation God has asked me to follow. 
I am a daughter to the most amazing parents, and a sibling to a sister and two brothers.  I try not to boss them around all the time now that we are all grown up.
I am a Godmother to two incredible little boys.  God has surrounded me with the most amazing boys-but lots of them.  There isn't a lot of pink around here.
I am a Bible reader.  I read the Bible cover to cover for the first time over the summer of 2010, and discovered every day is better if I spend time immersed in the Word.
I am a follower of Jesus.
I am a blogger of my life.  I write to record all the craziness, and help myself remember the blessings, memories, and tender mercies I know I will forget.

Thanks for joining me here at The Sole Woman!

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