Friday, July 11, 2008


Just a couple of pieces of cuteness from around here...

Yesterday, Sammy and Charlie played together for almost an hour without one argument! The game involved something about crashing trains. They sat at the top of the stairs and sent all of their Thomas the Train engines careening down the banister to crash on the landing. When they were all lying in a heap they would both shout "CRASH!" and laugh like hyenas. Then they would pick them all up and start again. Maybe there is hope for peace at our house.

This morning after digging into his breakfast with particular gusto, Sammy managed to spread food over every part of his body not covered by clothing. When he finished, he looked down at himself and then up at me and said clear as a bell, "I am a MESS!" Yes you were, buddy.

Thank God these little moments happen. They are what get mothers through the tough times.

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