Sunday, July 27, 2008


Have you ever had to try and clean out cat litter from your child's hair? It's not fun, and it's not easy.

When we got Ray, we decided to put his litter box and food in the storage room, which is right next to the boys' toy room. To allow Ray entry but keep the toddlers out, I put up a baby gate in the doorway, and just left the door to the storage room open. This has worked beautifully for the last month, but yesterday our monkey (otherwise known as Sammy) discovered he could climb over the gate. Being a kind brother, he must have shown Charlie how to do it too.

While cooking dinner last night, things got way too quiet. Quiet is not a natural state for little boys. It ALWAYS signals big trouble. I ran downstairs, found both little guys in the storage room, Sam with cat litter stuck all over his head, and both with open bottles of acrylic paints in their hands. Because God had taken pity on me, miraculously the paint did not get anywhere else but in the bottles. Thank you Lord!

Sammy's head is still a little crusty this morning, despite vigorous scrubbing last night.

Life is always interesting around here!

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