Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Evan is having a fabulous time at camp. They cook over a campfire for lunch everyday, which he has been pretty impressed with, but his favorite activity so far has been the mudslide. I remember loving it too, and I am glad he let down his guard enough to get dirty. I don't think his clothes or socks will ever be clean again, but hey-it's worth it.

I am so proud of my hubby, who was promoted to manager of his department yesterday!! He has worked so hard for this, and I am just so excited for him! A big thank you to God too, for providing for our family.

Yesterday while getting dressed I noticed that my shorts were getting pretty loose. I took a deep breath and determined I would risk trying on a pair of shorts I haven't been able to squeeze into since before I became a baby factory. I try not to do this very often, because it's pretty depressing when they still don't fit, despite a lot of exercise and dieting. Low and behold, they fit! And they fit well, and were quite comfortable! I have now, after seven months of hard exercise managed to go down one dress size. Slow progress, admittedly, but progress none the less. Progress that gives me motivation to keep plugging along. Progress that makes me hopeful that although I am moving slowly due to my metabolic syndrome, I will someday get my pre-babies body back. Sometime before I am 40 would be nice.

I took my parents to the airport yesterday so they could leave on their trip of a lifetime to Ireland. They never had a honeymoon, so I am really excited for them. It is, however, a very strange feeling to have my parents out of the country. I am feeling like an independent adult for the first time. When something goes wrong with the house, who do we call? My dad. When I have a question about the kids, who do I call? My mom. I can't call them for the next 10 days. If something goes wrong, we have to handle completely by ourselves. Wow. Puts a whole new perspective on our unstable future here in Omaha. If we had to move, it would suck in ways I am just now imagining.

My great aunt Elvera died this morning. She lived with my Grandma Rose for most of my life, and as such she was like an extra grandma to me, doing lots of babysitting, hugging, and loving for all of us kids. With my mom and my Aunt Connie away in Ireland, my grandma is pretty upset about all of this, especially as it comes only two weeks after my great aunt Donna died. This is my family's fourth funeral of the summer. Enough is enough.

Sammy made my heart melt yesterday. We were driving to pick up Evan from the bus stop, and all of a sudden Sammy pipes up clear as a bell "I love you, Mommy!" There is nothing like the first time your child says that. It makes all the hard work worth it. I love you too, buddy!

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