Friday, July 18, 2008

Christy is Healthy, but Her Kids Are Not

I went to the doctor on Wednesday for a six month check up on my cholesterol. When I had gone in at the beginning of January, we found out that my triglycerides and cholesterol levels were so high that I could have had a stroke. So, I have been struggling through LOTS of exercise, no real sugar (I am a Splenda junkie), not too many carbs, and low fat foods for the last 6 months. I was THRILLED to find that my Triglyceride levels went from 402 to 106, and my total cholesterol is down to 182. Of course, the many medications helped too, but I am so glad that the hard work paid off. If I keep it up, I should have many healthy years left to spend with my kiddos.

On the other hand, Charlie now has the fever that Sammy had over the weekend, Sammy has a sinus infection, and so does Evan. All three had an appointment this morning with the pediatrician, and then Walgreens cheered when they saw us coming to drop a few hundred in prescriptions. I guess it would be too much to ask to have all of us healthy at one time.

Sidebar-tomorrow is Jeff's grandma's 90th birthday party in Harlan. The announcement for it is in the Harlan Tribune. In the article they mention that Monica has 5 great grandchildren. Which means they included Evan in the count. It made me SO happy to read that, and know that the Kleffmans have completely taken Evan into their family. I cried of course, and have been smiling ever since. Even though my kids are dripping snot.

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