Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Monica!

Today Jeff and I headed up to Harlan sans kiddos for his Grandma Monica's 90th Birthday bash. They had a Mass at the house beforehand for the kids and grandkids, which was very nice and very personal. The Mass was said by Father Jim Kleffman, Jeff's uncle. Then we headed up to the Parish center at St. Michael's for a lunch catered by my all time favorite restaurant, Mickels. It was nice to spend time with Jeff's family, who are the nicest people. I really enjoy them.

I sat by Monica during lunch, as I had been appointed her helper (she is a little wobbly getting around) and as I was listening to friends and family come to give her birthday greetings, I noticed how many of them were women her age, and how all but one of these women were widows. Many of these women's husbands had died DECADES before them, one of them 25 ago. Can you imagine living that long without the love of your life? It made me depressed just to think about it.

I hope I have as many people to surround me when I am her age!

I am taking the NaBloPoMo challenge and trying to write a post a day for a month-we'll see how it goes! It might be full of daily humdrum, but I am up for a good challenge!

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