Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Holidays

While I actually have a semi-peaceful moment, I thought I should update my blog. Life is pretty much the same, with a few small changes.

Sophie the dog went to live with a new family last Tuesday. It was hard for all of us (even Charlie, who has wondered the house shouting "Doggie! Where are you?" It was also a relief in a lot of ways too. After the dog ripping apart several screens on windows, eating every single pair of my shoes, eating Sam's shoes, ripping apart countless baby toys, making numerous poop spots on the carpet in her insistance on letting us know she was displeased with something, it was nice to think that none of that will happen again. The last straw was the dog eating all of my shoes. Not something you want to replace during the holiday season. I literally wanted to kill her. Jeff and I looked at each other, and it was clear to both of us that while we loved her, it wasn't working for anyone. I just don't have time with two toddlers to give a dog behavior therapy as well. Lucky for us, she was adopted by a VERY nice woman, who has agreed to send us pictures of her, let us visit, and also has a nine year old son who Evan has set up a playdate with over the holidays. It's kind of like an open adoption. She had Sophie sitting on command within 5 minutes of meeting her, and I new she would be better off with her. I am so grateful to her for giving Sophie a good home!

School is going well. I feel like after two years of chaos with the babies and just treading water at school, I am finally back in the groove. I love my class, and I love being "back" in the classroom, in the sense I have my sleep, body, and brain back.

Jeff and I are really doing well. We had a rough start to marriage after all of the stressors we encountered in the first 2 years, but now that life is settling down, we are really enjoying being married. I am so lucky to have him, and that he put up with my insanity-literally-while pregnant and through post partum depression. Every time Sammy passes a milestone like giving up his bottle, or walking, it is bittersweet. I am sad to know he is my youngest, and this is the last time I will have a baby do this, but it is also a relief. The last two years have been brutal. I am glad to be getting myself back, piece by piece. I keep thinking of my grandmother who had 6 children in 6 years. I would not have made it. I can say that with complete assurance. I think she should be nominated for sainthood.

I took Charlie to church with me for the first time yesterday. Just Evan and I have been going for a long time, since dealing with both of the babies at church at once is a complete disaster. He was an ANGEL! He didn't say one word and sat in his chair the entire time, without a binkie or even a toy. We had a long talk before church started about how he had to be quiet, so whenever I tried to sing or talk, he gave me a loud shush sign. What a cutie!

So, it is with great expectations that I look forward to 2008. I am excited to have kids that are a little bit older, to get a lot more sleep, and to spend some time on me and my marriage. Hopefully it will be a year for us filled with regular old stuff.

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Christi said...

I love that you want just "regular old stuff" for 2008. What a great goal!

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