Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Painful Weekend

This post was originally written on June 1, but I couldn't get it to post...

This weekend has been SOOOO hectic. It all started Thursday...the pooch, Sophie got spayed that day, and both babies had surgery. Sam had tubes put in his ears, and Charlie also had tubes put in, but also had his adnoids removed. The surgery took place at the new Boys Town National Research Hospital in Boys Town. It was such a nice facility, and it was great to not have to drive down to 30th street. Both babies required Tylenol with Codeine from Thursday until Saturday, but things seemed better today. During Charlie's surgery, they also suctioned out all of the buckets of snot stuck in his sinus' (sorry to be gross, but I am so glad it is gone! The doctor said there was massive amounts of it in his poor little head). Then on Friday, Jeff went in for a little snip snip. (aka vasectomy) I am not supposed to talk about this in public, but I feel like it affects me too. I was nervous that I would be devastated afterwards at the permanence of it, but it told me it was the right decision when I felt completely fine about it this weekend. Our family feels just right to me, and that is a really good feeling! Surprisingly, there wasn't much pain or discomfort with the procedure for Jeff, so that was great. The yuckiest part is that he can't lift anything for about 10 days, so I am stuck with baby duty. I will be ready for a break when this is over.

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