Friday, January 19, 2007

Charlie is a Big Boy

Charlie celebrated his 1st birthday on Wednesday. He brought chocolate chip cookies to school to share with his friends, who sang him happy birthday. He got to pick out the activity for the day, and he didn't have to pick up toys (he's not real great at this anyway). At home, we had his favorites for dinner (hot dogs, tater tots, and carrots). Jeff even made it home a little after 7 to spend some time with him on his birthday, which was nice. I can't believe it has been a year already! He is really taking off with walking. It is so strange to see him toddling across the floor. You can tell he is really proud of himself about it!

Charlie went in to the doctor yet again yesterday for another sinus infection. We talked for a bit with an ENT who suggested he have his adenoids out at 2 years, but until then there isn't much to do besides antibiotics and riding out the infections.

In Sam news, he has slept through the night for the past THREE nights! (He sleeps from 9 at night to about 5:00 in the morning). I have no idea why he is doing this...I wish I could pinpoint something I am doing to make sure he keeps it up! It has been a lot easier going to work with more sleep this week.

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