Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer at the Micek Kleffman House

Our backyard is pretty slanty which may not be a problem for some people, but it is a problem for Christy the fish. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be out in the water in the summer. Since Evan came along that has meant not as many trips to the public pool, but rather in a horse tank in the backyard, which is still okay by me. At least I am in the sun and the water. However, in our new backyard, there is no place to put it. So, Jeff and I made the plunge to turn our house into a truly white trash hangout, and put a wading pool on our deck. It's better than nothing, and truly it's probably as deep as Charlie and Sam can handle this summer. On Sunday, when the kids went down for their afternoon naps, Jeff and I stayed out in the pool by ourselves, me having a beer. We looked at each other, and Jeff said "We're pathetic, aren't we?" Pretty much.

I am so excited today because my friend Katy is in town, and I get to see her and her new little one Nicole. YEAH!

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sectheatre said...

You need to come visit me!! We have a 4ft deep by 12 ft wide pool. It's not huge, but really nice in the heat. Bring some floaties and the kids can enjoy it too! I mean it!

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