Wednesday, January 10, 2007

6 Week Check

I went in for my 6 week check, and I had some happy news...I have lost 31 pounds since Sam was born. Okay, so most of that was baby stuff I guess, but still, how many times does someone tell you that you've lost 31 pounds in 6 weeks!! I only have 5 more to go before I am back to my pre-Charlie weight. Not bad for someone who has had 2 ten pound babies in a year!! Of course, I am not anywhere near my pre-Charlie shape, but who knows if I'll ever see that again. I have to take the good news where I can get it.

It is back to the real world/normal life (if I even have one any more) tomorrow. I am so nervous that Sam won't sleep tonight and I will be a zombie tomorrow!!! I did something this morning I swore I would never do...I put cereal in Sam's bottle. I know you aren't supposed to yet at this age, but he wants to eat CONSTANTLY and this is part of his problem at night. Everyone over 50 and one girl our age that Jeff works with keep telling me they did it, it helped, and to try it. So, I broke down and did it. He has been remarkably calm today. We'll see if it helps tonight. That's all I'm hoping for, especially since Charlie is working on getting in his one year molars and is an absolute beast.

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