Monday, December 31, 2007

Creeping into 2008...

I am little nervous about this upcoming week...I have been on what Jeff and I refer to as my "happy pills" since around a month before Sammy was born to help deal with the effects of post partum depression. I really feel like they helped a lot, and I wish I had been brave enough to speak up and get help after Evan and Charlie were born too. I think that those first months with a newborn would have been a lot easier, happier, calmmer, etc. I guess the bright side is at least I found help at the tail end of the Irish twins experience or that could have been a whole lot more depressing! In fact, I feel better and more normal than I have since my bout with anorexia as a teenager. So, I am especially nervous this week as I begin to wean myself off of them. I am nervous about side effects, but also that I will loose my balance. Send me good brain waves on this one!!!!

I am super excited for Evan today...I just signed him up for 10 weeks of swimming lessons at Swimtastic, which I have heard great things about. He hates soccer and other team sports but loves to swim, so I am hoping this fills a niche for him in his life. I also am excited to get him exercising!

Nothing special going on around here for New Year's Eve...I have this phobia about going out on New Year's Eve with all of the drunk drivers so, as usual, we are staying in with a bottle of wine and some DVDs. Happy New Year's to you and yours!

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