Sunday, June 17, 2007

Christy Freaks Out

So...I haven't written in awhile. Not because I didn't have anything going on that I wanted to write about, only because I couldn't get my posts to show up on the blog. Anyway, it seems to be working now, and yes, I am still alive.

The major thing that I wanted to write about was that two weeks ago, Evan started going to the Millard Children's Academy for two days a week. Jeff and I decided to send him there not because I am lazy about taking care of the kids, but because we know he gets tired of being cooped up with the babies all the time, and it is hard to get him to the pool and other fun places with Charlie and Sam around. So, he goes there 2 days a week, gets to go on fun field trips, and is making new friends that live a lot closer to our house than the friends from school do. I am really proud of him. He was realy brave about trying something new, and even when two kids called him a crybaby, he dusted himself off, and went right back to making new friends and was excited to go back for his next visit. That's a lot more than I would have done at his age. The weird thing for me about this whole experience is that it is the first time in Evan's whole life that he has gone to a school or daycare completely by himself. In the past, my mom or I have always been with him. I was really teary the first day! I think it is good for both of us to have this experience, but it's always a little painful to have your little ones spread their wings.

The other thing I had wanted to write about was me having a freak out attack last Tuesday. My period was maybe 4 hours late and I was a NERVOUS WRECK! I even took a pregnancy test, since I knew after 4 hours of stress that I was nearing a panic attack. It was of course negative, but it was one more thing to assure me that the vasectomy was the right choice. The funny thing is that I left the empty pee cup in the bathroom on the shelf, since I heard Charlie clobbering Sam in the next room and knew intervention was needed, and then I forgot about it. That night, Jeff filled it with water, and used it to brush his teeth! Ahhh....the joys of marriage!

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