Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little Things

Today was so relaxing. It thundered and rained all day long, a perfect day for curling up and reading a book.

Even though I had to take a break from hibernating at home to run Evan to church for choir, I feel so warm and cozy. Nothing special happened today other than laundry and homework, reading and snuggling, but that is the best kind of Sunday in my book.

We had roast for dinner that had simmered all day, tempting us for hours with it's robust scent. It was so nice to see the faces of all my family at the dinner table. I love it when Jeff is here to join us at meal time. I love treating my family to a special dinner.

One of my favorite parts of being a wife and a mother is the little things. Putting clean clothes in their drawers, a yummy dinner, making popcorn as a before bed time treat. It was a wonderful day to spend doing nothing but the little things.

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John & Teresa said...

I love this! A great post about simple pleasures. You're such a great wife and mommy!

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