Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Until last night, our family had only been to church with all members present once. We tried at Christmas Eve Mass 2007, when Sam was just a little over a year old. It did not go well. Charlie spent most of church with Jeff in my classroom, and Sammy and I hung out in the foyer. Luckily Evan was in the choir, because nobody was left in the pew.

Charlie has been going to church regularly since he was about 20 months old. Despite being my kiddo who throws a world class tantrum, he has always had a great command of "the whisper voice" (a must for church going children) and he's always done very well sitting still and entertaining himself during the service.

Sammy, who is in most other situations very calm and well mannered, goes nuts as soon as you put him in a church situation. He has one voice level, and it is nowhere near a whisper.

We thought we'd throw caution to the wind last night though, and we all went to the less formal Saturday night service. True to form, about 25 minutes in, Sammy was talking loudly, trying to run from the row we were sitting in, and was trying to steal colors from the children in front of us. I took Sammy back out to the van where we had a "come to Jesus meeting". He was enraged about not being included on something Charlie and Evan were doing, so I took him back in for one more try. Luckily, he let me hold him for the rest of the service, and he didn't say another word.

Even though it was interrupted, it was so nice for us all to go to church together again. It's been so long!! I didn't realize just how much I'd missed it until last night.

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