Monday, April 27, 2009

Rocks in His Head

Today promised to be a big busy day at school. It was Grandparent's Day, a morning when student's bring their grandparents to school for a special church service and-what else- a rousing round of BINGO! My class had the job of being the service ministers, which means my kiddos sang in the choir, read the readings and intentions, and were greeters. I was scheduled to hostess at the BINGO event, and then in the afternoon I had several meetings lined up. Before school I sent a silent prayer heavenward that everything would go according to schedule. Apparently, God thought that was pretty funny.

Partway through Mass, I saw Charlie's teacher appear at the back of church. She caught my eye up in the choir loft and started trying to mime to me her issue. She pointed to her nose, and then to Charlie's nose, who was holding her hand. I looked down at my devious little tyke, who looked decidedly uncomfortable. I frowned back. "Sinus infection?" I mouthed to her questioningly, all the while thinking, "Why would she come to tell me about boogers during church?" She shook her head, then used sign language to spell the word ROCK. (Teachers have a myriad of ways of communicating in front of, around, and behind children so they won't know what we're talking about-who knew it would come in handy this way!!!) I gasped. Right up there in front of the church, where I was standing with my class in the choir loft. I signed back ROCK- in his NOSE?!!!! She nodded rapidly, pleased I had gotten the message.

Crap, I thought. I hope I didn't say it out loud.

After church, I ran down to daycare where I discovered that while in the library where he was supposed to be listening to the teacher read a book, Charlie instead found a rock and shoved it waaaaay up. The school nurse had taken a look, and could see it, but couldn't get it out.

Long story short, we flew to the doctor, who graciously got us in. Dr. B was just barely able to remove a rather large rock. We were very lucky it wasn't completely stuck, or in his sinus cavitiy. Charlie was traumatized, but at least it's out.

Moral of the story: Next time I will pray for the strength and patience to take my day as it comes, instead of being on schedule. I don't want to leave myself open to any more heavenly practical jokes.


sectheatre said...

What is it with little boys and their noses??

Christy M. said...

OMG! My brother did that when he was little, only it was a pinto bean from art class. He ended up in the ER. I only hope that BJ & Mia never stick anything up their noses! So glad the doctor was able to get it out!!

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