Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Over the weekend, Jeff was playing around with my new cell phone (It's pink! I love it!) trying to figure out some of the new features. Somehow, without me knowing, he changed the sounds and settings that occur when you get a text message or an email.

Fast forward to Monday morning. I keep my purse in a locked desk drawer at school, that happens to be directly underneath my computer. All throughout the day I kept hearing these beeps and tweets. I could NOT figure out where it was coming from. At first I thought it was the computer, but then it kept happening after I turned the computer off. I hunted all through my desk for a stopwatch or something else that could be tweeting like a bird.

Finally, in desperation, I began to talk to myself. "What in the WORLD is that dumb noise?!"

All 30 of my students turned to me with derision dripping from their eyes and voices, and said almost all in unison "It's your PHONE Mrs. Kleffman. You are getting a TEXT. DUH."

Oh. Right. I knew that.

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