Friday, April 03, 2009


This was the week from heck. Two nights this week I had to go back to school for evening activities. I hate not getting to spend the evening with my family. I know it's part of the job, but sometimes I feel like as a teacher people expect me to be available all the time, and that my classroom should come before my own family. Argh.

My students had their music program at school this week, which was adorable. They did a GREAT job. But, it mean that we had three different performances during the school day, so our schedule was totally screwed up. When you mess with the structure of a 6 year old's day, it causes kids with TOO MUCH ENERGY. Which mean their teacher has NO ENERGY.

We have tons of end of the year (only 29 days to go!!!) deadlines looming and no time to accomplish everything in.

So. I'm pooped. I am looking forward to a weekend with my kids, hubby, and my couch. And my bed and sleep. And that's it. The end.

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