Thursday, April 09, 2009

Meet the Clampetts

About 6 weeks ago, our next door neighbors moved out, and a family they had rented their house to moved in. Frank, our original neighbor, was nice enough. We did have the occasional wordless argument about where our front yard boundaries were, which we tried to establish by mowing over on the other person's side a bit. But it was all a friendly battle. They were a friendly family who pulled Jeff's car out of a snow bank once, and took care of their home and yard.

Unfortunately, in an effort to move in a hurry, Frank found Larry to lease his house to. We not very affectionately refer to Larry, his wife, pack of 5 rowdy kids, and their two hound dogs as the Clampetts. Here is why:

This is what their backyard looks like. It is also now the view out my bedroom window. Notice the 2x4s balanced on the fence for no apparent reason. The large piles of dog crap everywhere (yesterday was somewhat warm here, and let me tell you-the smell was not pretty). The old carpet mounded up in the lower corner. The trash spread around. The screen door which they have removed for some reason and which is now sitting against the wall. It's nothing short of disgusting. Their front porch serves as a collection site for old computer parts, the shells of computer towers, old muddy shoes, and rusting lawn furniture.

My only consolation is that they are renters. I hope they have a short lease. Can you imagine putting your house on the market and having to show it with these people next door? I hope they are gone before we have to do exactly that.

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