Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lazy Blogger

I realized this morning it has been three days since I posted, which is mostly due to the whirlwind of the holiday and the amount of errands I tried to pack into our time off from school.

Charlie was evaluated by the public schools for speech yesterday. My big concern is stuttering, which is getting worse everyday. He wowed the ladies by telling them his colors in spanish, with the length of his sentences, and with the complexity of concepts that he was able to converse with them about. Which nixed him for the special ed preschool where speech therapy takes place. However, they said to keep an eye on the stuttering since there is a family history, and to call them back in 6 months. I guess you can't qualify for services for stuttering until you are a late three, which Charlie is not. It was nice to have an outside opinion on how he is developing cognitively, which I have been watching like a hawk after everything with Evan. They said he was above average in all areas, which is a relief.

Charlie also had his first trip to the dentist late yesterday afternoon. He went back all by himself, did exactly as he was told, and allowed them to polish his teeth and apply a flouride treatment. He proudly came back to the waiting room carrying a new Lightning McQueen toothbrush and proclaiming how proud his Daddy would be since he was so good. Sometimes I look at this newly independent child, who will calmly follow directions, and I thank God from the bottom of my soul that he is past the terrible twos.

Evan is gone camping Monday and Tuesday with the guys of the family, including my Dad, and I have been feeling like my right arm is missing. I miss that kid down to my bones. I'll never be able to send him off to college.

My favorite part of Easter was singing in the Easter choir. I love music. I love to sing, and I love to play an instrument as part of a group. In high school I was in choir, and glee club, band, and marching band. I love performing, and I love making music just for the pure joy of it. I miss it. A lot. And so, being able to lift my voice with others at church was a pure joy, especially since it was on Easter. Unfortunately, our pastor hasn't yet given the go ahead for our choir to be year round (our church is a new parish, and we are still operating out of an elementary school so some things are not yet established) so I am out of my music fix now that Easter is over.

I got a lot of piddly stuff done like getting the toddlers some new summer pjs and shoes, grocery shopping, and above all, a lot of napping. I don't know what is wrong with me lately but I could sleep for days. Literally. It is a struggle to get out of bed each morning, and by 12:30 I am ready for a nap. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday all involved three hour naps. And I could have slept longer but the toddlers woke up. I am starting to feel like I should go to the doctor.

I am longing for summer. Only 26 more school days until I can take up napping on a permanent basis.

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Cathy O said...

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