Tuesday, March 31, 2009

With My Feet Firmly Planted On the Ground

Jeff is scheduled to take a business trip in June to California. This is the first trip ever that he has been able to schedule during the summer, the only time when I am available to go with him. The best part of being a teacher is having summers off. But the worst part is also having summers off, because your principal always expects everything in your life to then happen in the summer, and GOD BLESS AMERICA do NOT ask for time off during the school year.

But now that I actually have the opportunity to go with him, vegitate in a hotel room without kids, lounge by a pool and drink diet Coke and read books to my hearts content, I don't know if I can make myself go.

I have always had a hard time leaving the kids to go on vacation. Although I need a break sometimes just like every mother, I miss the kids SO much when I am gone that I have a hard time relaxing and enjoying myself. When Jeff and I travel on the same plane, I am an absolute wreck. I have a fear of flying, but it's worse when we are together. I can't help imagining what would happen to the kids if something happened to both of us.

So I probably won't go. Which is so neurotic, and yes I probably need to get over it. But I just don't think I can talk myself into it.

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John & Teresa said...

GO!! If you don't, I'll go in your place :o)

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