Tuesday, March 03, 2009


It's been a stressful couple of days around here. Yesterday was very sad for our family. We buried my Uncle Clyde, who passed away last week after a long battle with lymphoma. I am so sad that my aunt and cousins had to say good-bye to a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. I am glad that he is no longer in pain. Cancer is a horrible disease, and a horrible thing to have to watch a loved one go through. My prayer today is that my aunt and her family have the strength and peace of the Lord as they go through the difficult days ahead.

I took Charlie in for a hearing test on Friday as a part of the speech evaluation his pediatrician recommended. Luckily, his hearing test came out fine. In fact, he hears so well that only 1% of the population can hear sounds as high as he can, or as soft. It is a curse that I have as well. Maybe I'll tell you about my "dog hearing" (as my family calls it) sometime. It's a long story though so I'll save it for later. Unluckily, the timing of the test meant that I had to take the whole day off of work Friday. And then again Monday. And then again this coming Friday so Charlie can go to the eye doctor. It is TOTALLY a pain in the butt to take time off work as a teacher. I may never dig out from under the piles of work on my desk after this.

Jeff came home from work today with a fever, and sick to his stomach. I don't mind taking care of sick people, especially when they are my husband or kids. But I am so afraid I am going to catch it, and have to take off yet more time from work.

And to top it off-DID YOU SEE THAT JERK ON THE BACHELOR LAST NIGHT?!! I can't believe I totally fell for his single dad charms. Couldn't he have broken up with her ahead of time, instead of, oh-I don't know, ON NATIONAL TELEVISION?!!! I may have to boycott next season. I am totally disgusted.

Here's to hoping for a better Wednesday.

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