Saturday, March 07, 2009

Where, oh where, is the house for us?

We went house hunting again this morning, despite my strep induced delirium. Which certainly made the experience more entertaining.

The first house we visited, in a word, sucked. This word may have accidentally escaped my lips and floated out to the agents ears, which caused a loud guffaw from John, our uber patient agent. Normally, I wouldn't say this in a situation which requires me to be somewhat professional, or at least look like a grownup who is perfectly capable of spending a crap load of money on a home. However, it appears large doses of pain relievers lowers my inhibitions a bit.

The house was built in 1966, and if that was your favorite year, than this is the house for you, because it has not changed one bit. And by that, I even mean that the stove and oven were original to the house. Does that add character? I think not.

The second house we saw has been tempting us all afternoon. The layout? Perfect. The location? Awesome (as in 3 minutes from Grandma's house. My kids could walk over to play, and I might be left alone to have time to MYSELF!) The price? Great. needs a new roof and furnace. Not a huge deal, as we would put that in as a contigency of our offer. But, it also needs some other updating. We would end up working to make it better for quite a bit. And, as longtime readers of this blog know, Jeff and I can hardly chage a light bulb. You may recall the time Jeff and I became locked in a bedroom with Sam when attempting to change out a doorknob, leaving Charlie free to attack the house with a Sharpie marker. One of the highpoints of Charlie's young life, to be sure.

So, we have spent the rest of the day feeling like our brains are in a pinball machine as we bounce around from one option/decision to another. I am actually leaning towards staying here, refinancing, doing some home improvements, and looking again in a year. Although that could be because my ears feel like they are going to explode out of my head, and I am so tired I can't imagine packing up all of our stuff and setting up house somewhere else.

Maybe we'll try sleeping on it, and the decision will be waiting for us when we wake, all wrapped up with a bow. Wouldn't that be awesome?!

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John & Teresa said...

I'm praying for you guys to know what decisions to make! We are dying to start the shopping process. Just can't quite do it yet til John has a job and we're sure we'll still be in Omaha. Pray for us too!

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