Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Girly Day, Complete With a Tiara

Today I had a wonderful morning spent with some of my favorite gals. The awesome Christi and I took Alyssa and my niece Brooke (aka Brookie Cookie/Brookelina) to see a performance of High School Musical on Ice. It's so nice to be able to borrow Brookie when I get a craving for something girly, pink, and full of singing and glitter.

Watching Brooke's face as the skaters first came onto the ice was priceless. She breathed an impressed and reverant "WOW!!!!" I'll never forget it. After a few minutes she declared," I NEED to know how to do that!"

The skating was great, and came complete with pyrotechnics, which impressed the little ones. I was amazed at how they could skate while dribbling a basketball, driving a golf cart, and riding a bike. For someone like me who can't even stand up on ice skates, this was nothing short of miraculous.

At the intermission we got some obligatory event food. Brookie had a hot dog, a pretzel with salt (which caused her to ask me why the pretzel had rocks on it, and why she was supposed to eat them), and a coke. That girl has a bladder of steel. She drank almost the entire medium sized pop, and then didn't have to go to the bathroom the entire rest of the time we were together. Wish my kids could do that!

Afterwards we got a souvenir of our day, which I found to be the perfect excuse to buy Brooke a pink, glittery, High School Musical tiara. I do love me a good tiara.

Thank goodness that with all of these boys around I have Brooke as my go to girl for an old fashioned girl day.

Thanks Christi and Alyssa!

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