Friday, March 06, 2009

Aaaannd...I'm sick. Again. I know you're shocked.

Just found out I have strep throat. And a double ear infection. Which would explain a lot about how I have been feeling the last few days.

The real miracle here is that all three boys were patient enough to sit in the waiting room, the exam room, and the pharmacy waiting room with me long enough for me to get treated and medicated. Seriously. You have no idea how awesome this is. We bought a large bag of sugar coated colorful popcorn to celebrate. I am not above bribing my children. It's totally worth it, and a highly effective parenting tool in emergencies.

The miracles just kept coming as we pulled into the driveway, and Jeff pulled in right behind us. Home before eight o'clock! May wonders never cease! He fed the kiddos their bribe, popped them into the tub, and put them to bed. I have been able to sit and rest on the couch uninterrupted for 3 hours.

May the healing begin.

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