Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh The Places I Have Lived!

Welcome back to Table Topic Tuesday! Today's question is:

Where have you lived, and what were your favorite things about each place?

I haven't lived in very many places. In fact, I have lived in Omaha, Nebraska all of my life, with the exception of a brief two years in college when I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska. Which is all of 5o miles away.

I'm okay with this, as I love the midwest. I love Nebraska. I love the people here. All of my extended family, with the exception of two aunts are here as well, and I love that I have so many people that I love within arms reach. I've always wanted to live in a small town, and I am trying to convince Jeff that we need to retire to one. Hopefully one day I'll get to add a tiny picturesque town to my list.

Here in the Big O, I have lived in three different houses with my parents, and two with my husband. I loved the house I lived in for the first four years of my life. Mostly because it was just me and my sister back then. Not that I don't love my two little brothers, but I loved it when it was just Sarah and me. I felt so cradled in love from my parents, and my little sister was my best tag along buddy.

I also loved the house that Evan and I moved into when he was three years old, and I had finally finished college and gotten myself gainfully employed. It was tiny, but absolutely perfect. I have had many wonderful things happen in my life since the day we moved into our little bungalow, but not many have come close to the joy I felt at finally being able to provide a home for myself and my little boy. I felt like we were finally our own official family. The space to be on our own allowed me to finally start introducing our own traditions. I loved every minute we spent in that house. Once we added Charlie and Jeff to the mix, we were busting out of the house at the seams and I knew we needed to move on, but OH MY was it hard to leave that place.

So-where have you lived? What did you like best?

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