Friday, May 09, 2008

The Woman Drives Me Nuts...

I was going to avoid blogging about this, as it has been all over the "mommy blogs" since the segment aired on the Today show and I think people are sick of writing/talking/blogging about it. But I am giving in to temptation because the more I think about it the angrier that I get. If you didn't see the segment on women bloggers Wednesday on the Today show, click here to view the video clip. Kathie Lee Gifford interviewed Heather Armstrong about her now famous blog, and doing it for profit. I used to be a fan of Kathie Lee when she hosted Live! (probably because as a child my mother watched it endlessly), but this interview highlights Kathie Lee's hypocritical ignorance, instead of Heather's blogging brilliance. My opinion of Kathie Lee goes farther down each time I think about it. Part of Kathie's charm on Live! was her ability to connect with the audience through her stories of family and children. She seemed like the neighbor across the street; an ordinary woman raising children just like the rest of us. This is the same appeal of mommy blogs today. They inspire a sense of community and connection through sharing stories about being wives and mothers. Kathie Lee missed the boat and instead spent the interview implying that Heather had done something questionable by sharing details of her family with strangers. Hello??!!! Isn't this what Kathie Lee herself did on television for over 10 years? I'm not seeing the difference between what Kathie Lee did, and what Heather does now. I am really not liking Kathie Lee's holier than though attitude.

It surprised me how annoyed I am at this interview. It made me realize that my blog is much more important to me than I realized. The connections I make here to other moms is so important to my sanity and survival as a mother.

I have recently stumbled upon two blogs lately that I am love with that are refreshingly written by Dads. Check them out-you won't be sorry!

Looky Daddy
Laid Off Dad

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