Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Dogs are Barking

My sister Sarah and I did a 5 mile run this morning that was part of a fundraiser for the CAR Foundation, which was formed after the death of Cady Reynolds one year ago today. She was a senior at Marian who died in a car crash at 132nd and Center. Her parents formed the CAR foundation (also Cady's initials) to promote safer teen driving. I went in part because Cady's aunt Kathy works at school with me, and Sarah wanted to go because Cady was a fellow Marian girl.

It was a beautiful morning for a run. I am proud to say that I was able to actually run about half of it, and did a brisk walk for the rest, and we finished in just under an hour. I have paid the price for the rest of the day though. I was reminded why I gave up running in the first place-my knees. My joints are so sore that I have had a hard time going up stairs today. And even though I have been working out pretty extensively for the last 6 months, it just goes to show you that an inside workout doesn't hold a candle to a good run outside. I felt fine when I got home, made lunch for the babies and then I showered and took a nap. For some reason, when I woke up, I almost felt sick. I guess I am not as in shape as I thought I was.

It was really nice though to spend some alone time with my sister, and to talk for a couple of hours. I miss doing things just us with her, which never happens anymore since we had kids.

I hope that the event brought hope and some smiles to Cady's family on what I am sure is a very difficult day for them. I hope that Cady knows how much her family loves her.

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