Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer is OFFICIALLY Here! it turns out that I am SOOOO glad I conquered Lifetime Fitness. Jeff took the day off today, and ran some errands this morning while I took the boys-Yes 3 BOYS ALL AT ONCE- to the grocery store. We go on one big shopping trip a month and at this point in our family's life it involves two grocery carts loaded to overflowing. Evan pushes Charlie around, and they are a pretty great team, but I have ornery Sam in my cart, who takes great pleasure in throwing every item he can reach from the cart as far as he can down the aisle. Evan calls it grocery bowling. And let me tell you, that kid has quite an arm. So, needless to say by the time we reached the check out lines, I had a huge headache. Which approached migraine level when our total came to $524. I will wait a moment while you pick your head back up from off the floor. Which is exactly what I also had to do. I swear to you-we buy nothing but the cheapest of generics, and I use TONS of coupons. Sadly, this total didn't even include any laundry detergent or cleaning products, since I order these online. $524 of JUST GENERIC FOOD! Someone somewhere is going to have to do something about the economy. I don't know what in the world we are going to do when the boys are strapping teenagers who want to eat all the time. Jeff and I will both have to get second and third jobs just to cover the grocery bill.

So anyway, I was fuming by the time we were home, unloaded the car and put the groceries away. I made the mistake of giving Sam too much time with his yogurt cup while I dashed to put just a few more things away, and when I turned around the child had lathered his entire sweet little blond head with peach yogurt. When Jeff walked in the door, I was in the middle of a good crying jag, all the while swearing at President Bush and the powers that be about the economy, yogurt cups, and toddlers that throw things. He shoved me and Evan out the door and told us to spend the afternoon at the pool. The man is brilliant and a saint. Of course, he might not have wanted to deal with me crying, but it was still great.

Evan and I spent about three hours poolside. Evan was in heaven with the waterslides, I swam some laps, and hung out at the side of the pool and watched him come down the slides for awhile, and I spent a lot of GLORIOUS time reading in the sun in a lounge chair. On the way home, I finally felt like summer had really started. There is nothing I like better in life than spending time at the pool in the summer, drinking up the sunshine. Having some time with Ev and to myself was the perfect thing. I came home when we were done, and was able to be a nice mom for the rest of the day.

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