Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am Crazy

Yesterday we joined Lifetime Fitness. I have been looking for a place to take the kids to the pool in the summer, and we checked out the Y, Prairie Life, and Lifetime, and they by far had the best price, best pool, and 2 hours a day of daycare at no additional cost (okay this is really what made me want to sign on the dotted line!) When I was there taking the tour, I was COMPLETELY excited, and when I told Evan about all the cool things they had there, he was a puddle of excitement.

Then, last night I was reading a magazine which totally ironically had an article in it about health club/gym membership faux pas and unwritten codes of conduct. I know I am crazy, but this has totally made me a nervous wreck to go. I have never had a gym membership before and I don't know the procedure to do ANYTHING. Eek!! I am really going to have to talk myself into taking the kids for the first time.

For God's sake-this whole thing has me disgusted with myself. In high school, I was a pretty nervous/shy person, but I haven't felt like that in years, and I really felt like I had that part of my personality licked. Where is this coming from?

Any advice you gym goers you?


Adam said...

My #1 concern is exactly the "health club/gym membership faux pas and unwritten codes of conduct". I even asked my "tour guide" about it and he didn't tell me any.

Live and learn, I guess.

But if I learn any, I'll tell you and you do the same, k?

Anonymous said...

i just ignore everyone else and do my own thing. just clean up after yourself (sweat) and you will be fine.

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