Friday, May 23, 2008

C'est Finis!

See! I do remember a tad of the french Madame Bouda tried so hard to pound into my brain in high school!

School is finished for the year as of 11:30 today. Although I have a lot of stuff to work on at home over the summer, it is my plan to not step foot into the building over the summer until I need to come back and set up my classroom. I hope that in cutting myself off I am really able to restock in the patience and excitement departments.

After I am released from the building in about 15 minutes, I am going to spend the afternoon with my dad, who had heart surgery on Wednesday morning. They threaded a laser up through his leg into his heart and zapped the places that were misfiring, causing him to go into atrial fib so often. Hopefully, the result will be that this will not happen to him again. He tolerated the surgery very well, and was released from the hospital on Thursday, and now is resting at home. I am going to take him some lunch, and then "babysit" him until my mom gets home from work. Jeff is home with the kiddos today, so it will be nice to have some daughter/daddy time.

My mother in law and sister in law were both in the horrible tornado that hit Windsor, Colorado yesterday. All of the houses across the street from Joyce were leveled, and all of the houses on both sides of her street were destroyed just a block away. It is almost as if the tornado had a little hiccup and left her house and four others standing. All of the windows on the west side of the house were blown out, the roof is missing every blessed shingle, their truck is three blocks away wrapped around a tree, every tree in the yard was uprooted, but their dogs survived and she and her husband are okay. She finally got ahold of us last night at about 11:30, and we were so relieved! We hadn't been able to get a hold of her for quite awhile after we heard the news on TV. She said the Red Cross told them to expect to be without power for about 2 weeks, and there is no running water as of yet, so they may have to stay in a shelter for a bit. So strange to know that people in your family were that close to that kind of devastation.

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