Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why Can't I Just Say No?

I am dreading next week a lot. Every year, Evan attends Vacation Bible School up at SVdP, and he LOVES it. In the past I have volunteered to help, although both of these times it was pre-baby craziness. When I signed Evan up this year, I was heavily pressured to help with one of the stations. I felt like I couldn't say no because my kid has enjoyed this activity for the last 5 years, and I have taken advantage of other people's volunteering. I am so regretting it though because Sam and Charlie will have to attend the daycare there during the morning, and I hate the thought of how stressful it will be for them. The first year I volunteered, my friend Gina and I ended up working in the daycare and it was horrendous. There are a few grown ups, who are assisted by 8th graders who are supposed to be earning service hours for confirmation. Instead, the 8th graders ignored the kids, ate the snacks, and sat on tables talking to each other (totally reminded me why I will NEVER teach junior high). Gina and I ended up being totally stressed out because there were so many kids to watch without a lot of help. In fact, I feel nauseous when I think about my two little guys having to endure it. I am praying it will be better this year.

I know my mom would have done it if I had asked her, but she is our only baby sitter and she is with my kids ALL THE TIME and I don't want to wear her out or take advantage of her.

I am also dreading having to go into "teacher mode" for it. I got completely depleted for some reason last year, and I don't feel in any way recharged enough to do this and enjoy it. Which is terrible anyway, because it's for God, and I shouldn't complain about that. I know he gave me the gift of being a good teacher to help children, and bring them to Him, and I should just try to think of the positives of that. Which I am really going to do when I am done typing.


Christi said...

If it gets too traumatic, I'll be around Wednesday and Thursday if the boys want to stay with super cool Christi Koch. ;)

Anonymous said...

it's ok to say no. god knows you need your sabbath from teaching in order to be effective come the fall, so next year, don't feel guilty about saying no.

even jesus needed a rest (he was asleep in the back of the boat during the storm).

next year, you could try saying something like "vbs is a way for those who don't normally get a chance to minister to kids to volunteer. i am ministering to these kids all year long, and summer is my time for sabbath."

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