Friday, June 27, 2008

Give. Me. A. BREAK!

Okay-not only am I tired of storms and especially storms that cause damage and produce tornadoes, but I am tired of being in strange places when they happen. I had headed to the gym this afternoon with Sammy and Evan in tow with the intention of working out for an hour and then taking the boys swimming. Yes, swimming. Which tells you how little prediction of this storm we had. I certainly would not have left the house with my kids to GO IN THE WATER if anyone on TV had mentioned such a severe storm was possible. When we were about 2 blocks from Lifetime, they did mention on the radio that Douglas County was now under a sever thunderstorm warning, which seemed odd to me because it was not raining at all, and there was not a dark cloud in sight. So, after having weathered so many storms as of late, I thought it would pass with maybe a little hail while I was exercising and we might still make it to the pool.

20 minutes into my workout the sirens went off and we were all herded into the women's locker room. I met up with my kids there, who had been in the child center. Evan does not weather tornadoes well, and was having a freak out attack. I felt awful, but he was at least impressed to get to see the women's locker room. We waited out the storm there, which was oh so fun with a 9 year old having a nervous break down and a confused 19 month old. Sammy got more cranky the longer he had to sit still, but at least we were all safe.

I found out later that the huge old maple tree in the front lawn of our old house (now my brother Creighton's house) split in half and is now laying on the roof and on my brother's car, so we are headed over there tomorrow to help with cleanup. My parents are without power, so if they don't get it back by tomorrow, they may be spending the night.

Will it PLEASE stop storming?!!!!

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